A Sweeter Kind of Romance & VOTE!

Writing romance without sex? Um…yes. I’ve been writing them. It all started asciwwith A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming. I wanted to keep itsweeter. So I kept the sexual tension in there and just sort of left out the sex.  It’s not exactly sweet romance as you might find in inspirational and Christian stories. There’s a little more spice to it than those, because to me those ultra-sweet romances tend to be as unrealistic as the erotic shape-shifters.

In fact if someone in my family started talking marriage but then said they were not the least bit sexually attracted… HUH? No way! Run away as fast as you can! Sex is part of falling in love. Sexual attraction is a very big part falling in love and part of marriage. If there is no sexual attraction, something is very wrong! Or somebody is filthy rich! But since I don’t write that…

And if you haven’t read A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming try this contemporary western. It’s a little east/west sort of story and there’s been over 100,000 copies of this book sold on Amazon alone!  (Yes! I’m writing the diary of Clare Coleman! I’ve already made plans to make 2017 my year to finish the diary. Plan on reading it sometime in 2018. It’s my Magnum Opus. My readers asked for it.)

My sweeter romances are just sweeter than my other stories. I don’t ignore the sexual component. Often it’s a fade to black situation. I figure my readers are smart enough to to read between the lines. Which also means I get some funny reviews. Once person might be appalled because the sexual attraction is there and another person thinks it’s refreshing to read a story without all the sex in it.

I find it quite normal to read a book that realistically portrays a relationship and its development, which might lead to a bedroom scene. The passionate kiss, two bodies pressed together, the emotions, and the one-ness of the moment can be portrayed beautifully.

bicoMy collection of short Christmas stories Baby, It’s Cold Outside contains the novella A Cowboy’s Holiday. Jeremy and his female friend find themselves in some extreme circumstances as they make their way across country to Jeremy’s family in Wyoming. Anyone who has read my other contemporary westerns knows who Jeremy is and knows his family, the McCullough’s and the Lazy A + 8 ranch. He’s a good guy and he’s going to do the right thing. Why? Because he’s been raised that way. And sometimes doing the right thing is a struggle. (You don’t have to read those other stories to read Jeremy’s!)

Happy Holidays, River City  are also sweeter stories. They are not abouhhrct sex. They are about falling in love, starting over, second chances, finding each other, taking the next step, and commitment. And not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Happy Holidays, River City and Baby, It’s Cold Outside are on sale for 99c .

51ez8nzw29lAnd since I’m plugging my books, Loving Ellen is still riding the top of the charts in KindleWorld’s historical. There’s a beautiful Russian Orthodox wedding tucked in those pages of the rugged West. Okay, and a very sexy hero to melt your heart, along with two little boys who are…um…boys who need a daddy. 🙂

Writing sweeter romances has gained me a following and writing something sexier is…well, not on the horizon. I don’t write erotic and I can’t imagine doing it. Even my not-so-sweet River City romances aren’t super hot.  And as for Chelsea’s Christmas which appears in this year’s boxed set Christmas at the Inn sm-fronton Main Street, is sweeter. But its roots are in the west. Her father is from the west and he’s tried to raise his children with those values that ranching families have. (Not just ranchers but farmers, too!) The people I have known who make their living off the land have a great respect for it and for all living things.

I grew up in a small town/ farm community. There was a farm directly across the street from me and the dairy was catty-cornered  from me. My father grew up on a large successful faboxed-set-v3bkrm. My mother was a city gal. I think that gave me a nice balance.

And while I’m at it, please remember to vote on Tuesday! I’ll break the cardinal rule of never talk politics and say it. I don’t like either candidate! But I will vote. I will vote for the who I think is the lesser of the two evils. See. That was simple. I now have half of America angry with me. I don’t care. One of them will win. But at least I did my duty as a citizen and had my opinion counted.

It’s not the President of the USA that makes this country great, it’s the people who flag-file00018192538live here! It’s the 4% of our population who provides food for most of the world. It’s the men and women who work at the big corporations, and the local hairdresser,  firefighter, police officer, auto mechanic, teacher, and small business owner who make this country great. Have a little faith in your neighbors, and the men and women down the street.

i_votedPolitics starts from the ground up. It’s the city councilperson and school board official. It’s your mayor, senator, and congressional representative. VOTE! Too many countries in this world still don’t give all their citizens voting rights. Don’t take our right to vote for granted. Let your voice be heard!

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7 Responses to A Sweeter Kind of Romance & VOTE!

  1. ginaarditoauthor says:

    I love writing sweet romances. There’s more room for emotion and meaty story lines and the sexual tension is still enough for the reader to understand that there’s a definite attraction between my characters.

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    • E. Ayers says:

      But every once in awhile my hero wants more than a kiss and his thoughts aren’t quite a pure as we’d like to think they might be. The same goes for the heroine. Those moments challenge us as writers to fade to black or figure out a way to show it without being offensive or giving the reader more than they have come to expect. 😉

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  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for this post on sweet romances, E. My books are also sweet, but emotion and tension bring realism to Heroine and hero alike. My book Perfect Match, which is on sale until November 30 for .99, is a sweet romance. The story brings two people together who have backed off love. Cali is licking her wounds from a damaged relationship, and Trace still grieves for his deceased wife. There’s plenty of tension between the two characters, but nothing you would feel anxious over if your teen, mother or grandmother read. You can read between the lines. The inspiration in the story is that they both learn to deal with their issues, emotions, and find there is life after loss and turmoil. That, I believe can be inspirational to many. You can find the book here. https://amzn.com/B007GTRIC6
    Barnes & Noble http://tinyurl.com/8slsped

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  3. leighmorgan1 says:

    “…as unrealistic as erotic shapeshifters…” Love this line, E.! Congratulations on your newest sweet romance. Can’t wait to read it. I have sex scenes in my books, but I like reading a broad spectrum of romance. Sweet romance appeals to a broad range of readers. I love it.

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    • E. Ayers says:

      Thanks, Leigh. There’s nothing wrong with a sexy scene. But why cheapen something wonderful and beautiful between two people who love each other with derogatory wording? My River City novels are not HOT, but they do not hide or disguise the actions or thoughts of those characters. I write love stories. I think it’s about what the author wants to convey and what they want the reader to feel. I want my readers to feel that all encompassing love. Love is the key word!


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