Get More Readers? A New Year To-Do List

computerToday, I’m going to speak (or technically, write) writer-to-writer (and to heck with Myren, my recalcitrant chauffeur who doesn’t give a twit about the writing life or business—or come to think of it—he doesn’t care much about chauffeuring either. Hmm. But I digress. As usual.) And because I’m a writer and a list junkie, I’m going to share my writing to-do list.

Readers (and others like Myren, although I doubt any of you lovely readers out there are anything like Myren) may or may not be interested in this little peak into the behind-the-scenes of the writing business, and I apologize if not. But look at it this way, it could come in handy if you ever decide to write a book. Or maybe—more likely—it’ll help you decide you were right not to become a writer after all.

It’s not an easy business—and it IS a business.

If you don’t believe me, take a gander at my list of things to do and tell me if it doesn’t smack of production, sales strategy and marketing. Maybe you can relate.

So here’s what writers think about around the New Year when they decide to put their pens down for a minute and contemplate what the heck they’re doing and why and how to do it better—as in how to reach more readers.

SQ’s Must Do List for Writing Success in 2017

  1. Re-Launch backlist books originally published more than 5 years ago, overhauled in style, cover and content.
  2. Write and publish 280,000-300,000 words worth of full-length novels, publishing 90 days apart. That’s four full length novels around 70-75k words each. That’s an average of about 7,000 words a week for 42 weeks.
  3. Have cover specially and professionally designed for these books according to genre best practice.stephanie-queen-postcard
  4. Focus specifically on writing the above-mentioned novels in a series
  5. Make sure book prices are appropriate level for genre and word count
  6. Research ads for effectiveness and run ads likely to break even or better.
  7. Actively work to expand mailing list using targeted services or promotions & commit to sending regular newsletters with valuable, entertaining content.
  8. Study the genre including titles, covers and themes of top sellers, at least once a month. Made adjustments to the above-noted books if appropriate.


What’s on YOUR list?

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9 Responses to Get More Readers? A New Year To-Do List

  1. E. Ayers says:

    This year I’ve vowed to write less! Too many deadlines last year. So this year is:
    Finish WIP
    Finish first round edits on another manuscript, send to second editor editor.
    Finish the Diary of Clare Coleman
    Write novella for the next Christmas boxed set with the Authors of Main Street
    (Did I tell you that I hate doing promo work? All that advertising requires time and money. I don’t have enough of either one!)

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    • stephaniequeen says:

      E. I know–the promo is crazy! I’ve gone no-pay on the promo unless I find ads that have a clear payback in either sales or exposure.
      But you’re doing a great job of keeping your visibility up with blogging and boxed sets.
      I’ve been doing lots of tweeting and posting on Facebook groups and also on Pinterest boards. It all adds up.
      But the biggest thing, for me promotionally speaking, is the mailing list.
      Good luck and let me know if you want to dish more about mailing lists!


      • E. Ayers says:

        Oh please – mailing list? As in newsletters? I’ve never done one but I do use our Authors of Main Street newsletter to tell our readers of new releases but sometimes I wonder if we should be doing more. Maybe you would consider a whole blog post on such stuff. I’m sure there are lots of folks who would like to know and maybe we can get some reader input as to what they want to read. What do they want from us?

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        • stephaniequeen says:

          I’d be happy to write a blog about newsletters–and hopefully not bore people! I’m sure Myren will pipe-in to keep it lively.
          I’d also love to know what readers like in their newsletters!


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