2016 Wrap-up and 2017 Projections

making art

You can read about my 2016 here.

And this is what actually happened:


Witch Wishes





Blog book (nonfiction)


Little White Christmas Lie (novella)

Anywhere Else (short story)

Return to Cinder (short story)


Newsletter Subscription:

400 to nearly 10,000


Speaking at Ellen’s school:

Valuable because:

I got the outline for Menagerie

I realized I could do it

It was enjoyable

(Would I do it again? Definitely. In fact, I should try to line this up.)

The ANWA writers’ retreat

Valuable because:

I met a lot of nice people

I wrote 15k words over a three day period

(Would I do it again? I’m not sure. It seems like I could achieve the same results, minus the people, by going and writing at the condo.)

La Cuesta Writer’s Conference

Valuable because:

The classes I attended on marketing changed the way I saw things. I’m very glad I went, but I don’t think I’ll go again because of time and expense.

What I learned:

Christmas Lie was by far my most successful release. I contribute that to:

My newsletter.

A clever subject line for my newsletter

A hungry market

Making a list

Asking for reviews before release

Going forward:

Ask for reviews before publishing a book

Book new release ads

Have the book in KU so I can book freebie days in conjunction with ads

And here’s what I project for 2017:

Get reviews for Cowboy and Pirate so I can get prime ads (bookbub)

Have six books Bookbub worthy so I can (try to) have a bookbub every month

1. Beyond

2. Hollow

3. Pale

4. Beyond Box set

5. Highwayman

6. Cowboy (needs 15)

7. Pirate (needs 18)

8. Witching Well box set

9. Menagerie (needs 9)

10. Christmas Lie (next October)

(Currently, I have two books that have been accepted for Bookbub promotion)

Run KU promotion days based on when I get the advertising spots with:



Robin Reads


Melee, third book in Menagerie series

The Winthrop series


Melange (second book in the Menagerie series)

Melee (third book in the Menagerie series)

The Edit (a short story)

Fairy-tale Found (in a boxed set this summer)


Promote: one hour a day and keep detailed notes

Submit books to PNWA contest (February)

Read all of Susanna Kearsley’s books and try to be like her (but wittier.)

Contact six friends about speaking at their schools.

What about you? What are your projections for 2017? Writing and otherwise?


About Kristy Tate

USA Today bestselling author Kristy Tate has come a long way from small-town Washington. Her avid curiosity and love of reading have carried her to thirty plus countries. (She loves to travel to the places she reads and writes about.) She's the author of more than twenty books, including the bestselling and award-winning Beyond Series and the Kindle Scout winning Witch Ways series. She writes mysteries with romance, humorous romance, light-hearted young adult romance, and urban fantasy. When she's not reading, writing, or traveling, she can be found playing games with her family, hiking with her dogs, or watching movies while eating brownies. She is also a popular public speaker and presents writing workshops for schools, libraries, and fundraisers. All proceeds donated to charity. References available upon request.
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4 Responses to 2016 Wrap-up and 2017 Projections

  1. stephaniequeen says:

    You’re so ambitious!!! Great job, Kristy!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. E. Ayers says:

    To whom did you speak to at schools and what subject matter did you cover? I did that once to a school’s elementary kids about writing and reading. It was the teachers who were asking questions. I was there to encourage kids to read and to learn to write. But it was fun!


  3. leighmorgan1 says:

    Your covers are fabulous.


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