Adventures in Hair Coloring

I have a confession to make. I’m not a natural redhead. At least, not fully. My natural hair color has always been a bit of a melange: blond, brown, and red. Fearing comparisons to I Love Lucy, for decades, I used to try to tone the red down in my hair. Try as I might, the red always peeked through. See? This was me attempting to be a brunette in the early 90s:


Notice how there’s still plenty of red in those tresses. Finally, one brave salon owner convinced me to embrace the red and after several trials and errors, he and I came up with a color I loved. I’ve been this obnoxious bright red ever since:


My husband claims it makes me look like I’m not 100% human, but I love the richness, how it makes my light blue eyes pop, and most important of all, how I stand out in a crowd.


I mean seriously, can you find the bright red head in this picture? How long did it take you?


Nowadays, more and  more people are going red. I no longer stand out in the crowd. In fact, I have a doppelganger at many writing events, a woman whose hair is bright red, and who, in passing, has a close enough resemblance to me in build and height to confuse my friends. This will not do.

New year means new changes.

And so, I am on the lookout for a new haircolor that will allow me to look less than 100% human, to stand out in the crowd, and will make my light eyes pop. So far, we’ve experimented with combinations of red and violet and while I like them, I don’t love them.

I have a few more combinations up my sleeve before conference season starts, but I ain’t telling what they are. It’s important I get a jump on those who might want to copy me. And don’t dare suggest I go “natural.” At this stage, I’m probably more gray than anything else and that ain’t happening.

One day, I was on the NYC subway and there was a woman in her early seventies in a gorgeous leather coat, her hair in a sleek cut and a vivid blue-violet hue. I poked my husband, pointed, and said, “I wanna be her when I grow up.” He blanched and then laughed as if I was joking.

I wasn’t. But I’ve got a decade or two before I’m ready to try that. Stay tuned.



9 thoughts on “Adventures in Hair Coloring

  1. I love the bright red hair. I’ve been dying my hair auburn since I was 16, and I notice a lot of people jumping on that bandwagon too. Have you tried any of the Feria hair color? They have a ton of people and red combo shades that look nice.

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  2. The red suits you well,Gina. I’d never try it though. I tried on a red wig once, my skin was so washed out, and as you said, it ain’t happening! I was a blonde for a number of years, but I’ve now submitted to natural. Not so bad since the natural gray streak I always wanted shines brightly. Lol. Good luck finding the right shade.

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    • Thanks, Carol. Believe me, I fought it for lots of years. And the first time a colleague spotted me on a crowded plane because she picked out my hair among the many heads in seats, I kinda cringed. It figures when I finally became comfortable with it, so did everyone else. LOL.

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  3. My very blonde granddaughter decided that she was tired of being considered a dumb blonde. Of course her fast remarks over something might be blame it on my hair, or what do you expect, I’m a blonde. Then she went to a fancy beauty school! OMG! She could have done 2 years at the community college for less than what that cost! What’s she doing now? A men’s salon and not the new walk through the door with gals in cute sports outfits. Apparently she makes good money. But her air color is… Let’s just say she changes it constantly. Last time I saw her I would say apricot. I think her natural color is more dishwater blonde, but who sees that? What did she do that I loved on her? Her pale blonde hair with vibrant blue streaks. OMG! Her blue eyes just popped! She walked through my door expecting to hear me freak. I think my jaw did drop. It was awesome. A wow factor that you almost never see. She’s never done it since. Guess I wasn’t properly shocked enough. 😦
    Another friend has light brown hair that nondescript sort of brown. She’s dyed hers black and she has turquoise streaks. That is a real head turner.The color looks fabulous on her.
    Go to a beauty supply and try a few colors of extensions. See what you like after wearing a color for a while. At least if you hate it, it’s not permanent, just remove those strands. Plus they could always dye extensions so that you could try that color. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you decide!

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    • Thanks, E. I’ve got lots of options. Haircut this weekend and I’ll consult with my stylist and my daughter (who can always be relied upon to be blunt about what will work on me and what will look ridiculous). I’m thrilled that I live in a time where I’m not stuck with blond, brown, or strawberry.


  4. Gina, I have a writer friend who had short gray hair that was lovely—silver sparkles naturally. She dyed it a deep purple that fades as she washes it throughout the month. Every shade is lovelier than the next. I wouldn’t have thought I’d like purple, but it is quite attractive. Whatever color you pick, your lovely smile will shine through, so have some fun! You’ll be lovely no matter what your hair color.


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