2017 – The Year of More

I am proclaiming 2017 my year of More. I’m grabbing for the brass ring, climbing to the top of the mountain, aiming for the moon, kicking butt, and taking names.

wish-potMy best friend gave me a Wish Pot one Christmas a few years back. You write your wishes for the new year and put them in the pot and next New Year’s Eve you take them out and see how you did. This New Year’s Eve I took them out and I had achieved 3 out of 4 and the fourth one was thisclose!!

Then you write the new wishes and put them in for the coming year. I have decided that 2017 is my year of MORE! More exercise. More healthy eating. More writing. More joy. More happiness. More of everything that is great in life. For too long I’ve been trying so hard to get somewhere in my writing instead of just enjoying the process. I’m opening my hands and letting that go. This year I will seize opportunities that come my way. I will stretch my horizons and try new things, more things.

Who is with me in this year of more?!!!

Jill James, romance writer and seizer of the day!!

13 thoughts on “2017 – The Year of More

  1. I’m in for more! Actually a few personal things changed in December and I was going into this year with high hopes, only to seemingly be dashed by my heater conking out, triggering a series of household uh-oh’s! But when I got over my shell-shock I realized this was the year for me to actually get some things fixed in this house. I’m embracing the idea of some major repairs and making some long overdue changes in this old house. It was not what I thought 2017 was going to be, I think it will be even better! Karma can surprise us!

    So I’m in for more. I’m looking forward to some big changes this year. But as the saying goes that God helps those who help themselves, It’s up to me to keep my Karma fueled with positive good things. No, I’m not Hindu or Buddhist. But I do find that most beliefs carry certain standards for living that say the same things only differently. We live by the fruit of what we do and every action has an effect. I’m in for positives with more good things in my life! I’m ready for 2017. A hot water heater that went when the repair guy was here and we were all standing there was actually a good thing. Stay tuned because this is going to be a very busy year for me personally and that will effect my writing. But several projects that have been in the works will come to fruition this year and all of it is MORE!

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  2. I’m trying to make it the year of less… Less junk in the house. Less spending money on stuff we don’t need. Less self-doubt. Less stress. Less worrying about things I can’t control!

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