Here’s to 2017!

Jill blogged about wanting, doing, and creating more in 2017 . Susan had a similar idea but different take, focusing on less – less and fewer negatives for 2017.


I love both ways of looking at self improvement and will be using both, starting today. More writing. More dance, karate, weapons training, and time in the gym. More focus on family, friends, and love. Less focus on negativity. Fewer reasons to say “NO”, and more listening, learning, and trying to find ways to make good things happen.


Adding one good thing a day – like broccoli to lunch, or an extra ten minutes of stretching isn’t monumental or hard. Consistently over time it will make life better.

Here’s to better – Happy 2017.


16 thoughts on “Here’s to 2017!

    • Grin. It is all good. What’s amazing to me is the fact that it only takes a little a day to create a big difference over the course of the year. It all adds up.

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    • Wonderful, E.. Housework is a great way to stretch. Might even spruce up the place along the way. Not to mention hanging laundry high after bending to extricated it from the dryer. It’s all good. 🙂


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