Texas-style Romance

Please welcome a wonderful author and friend:

 Caroline Clemmons

Hello, I’m Caroline Clemmons and I write contemporary and historical romance, many of which include a little mystery and mayhem. Although I live in Hurst, a busy suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, I love small towns as a setting for romance.

The fictional town of Tarnation is set about sixty miles west of Fort Worth at the foot of the Palo Pinto Mountains. RACHEL is about a woman who was framed for embezzlement and spent from 1870-1873 in prison. Now she’s moved west to Tarnation, Texas to rebuild her life and is working as bookkeeper for Zane Evans, who owns a freight business.

Here’s the excerpt from RACHEL, Bride Brigade book 5:


Her beautiful, coffee-colored eyes appeared sad. “You’re going to miss the dance.”

He longed to crush her against his chest and comfort her. “Hate that, but I’ll make it up to you.”

She colored and lowered her gaze. “N-No need, I simply meant I’m sorry you’ll miss the fun. Everyone in town is invited.”

“In the meantime, I have a surprise today.”

The door opened and Mr. Gallagher entered carrying a violin.

“Have a seat in my office, Colin, and make yourself comfortable.”

“I only have an hour today. Doctor’s waiting for me to work on his house.” The carpenter walked into the back office.

Rachel stared at him, obviously puzzled.

From the next room came the sound of a violin being tuned.

“My dear, since I have to miss the dance, I asked Colin here to play for us so I can have the privilege of dancing with you.”

Her eyes widened and he could swear there were diamonds there. “That’s incredibly thoughtful, Zane.”

The music broke into a schottische. Zane grabbed her and they twirled around the office as if there were more dancers.

She laughed and her eyes sparkled with humor. “I see you’re taking care not to bump into other couples.”

“I’m a good dancer, don’t you agree?”

“Excellent, the best on the dance floor.”

They danced a quadrille next. “I’m glad everyone makes way for us.”

He smiled at her. “It’s the gruff stares I give them if they come too close.”

The next half hour, Colin played from one dance straight into another before he called, “Next one is the last one. I’ll make it a waltz.”

Zane pulled her into his arms, perhaps a little too closely, but he didn’t care. There was no one else to see. They sailed around the room as if they were one.

Rachel gazed up at him. “I love the waltz.”

“As do I,” he whispered against her ear. “Especially when I’m holding you.” He nuzzled against her hair.

She melted against him as he’d dreamed since he’d met her. The sensation was even better than he’d imagined. He wanted this time to go on and on forever.

Unfortunately, the music ceased. Colin appeared, carrying his violin. “Sorry, but I have to get back to the doc’s house. Promised him I’d only be gone an hour.”


RACHEL, Bride Brigade book 5, is available at Amazon:


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