Love on the Pony Express Trail

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Lizzi Tremayne

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I love this blog because I come from a real small town…with ONLY a Main Street, a little place in the Santa Cruz Mountains called La Honda, California! I moved halfway across the world to New Zealand…and guess what?  I found another Main Street town!  I now live out of the little Main Street mining town of Waihi, New Zealand, in an even smaller road 10 km out of town…it’s not even a main one. Just a lot of cows.


hills-of-gold-6x9-ebook-coversm-fileThe Main Street in my first novel, A Long Trail Rolling, and at the start of The Hills of Gold Unchanging ( just released last week!), is…well, it’s actually a trail. A wagon trail, and the Pony Express Trail, in the 1860’s in Utah.

The stories in my first fiction series, The Long Trails, are historical romantic thrillers, with plenty of horses and action! I’m a horse vet, so you guessed it, there’s plenty of that in there too!

The scene…

My heroes Aleksandra and Xavier have just met…just after Aleksandra’s life has fallen apart at the seams. She’s just taken offense at something Xavier said, and he’s headed out the door, while she stayed inside to talk with Scotty, the trading post keeper….


Xavier was harnessing Dzień to the wagon when Aleksandra came outside.

‘I can do that,’ she snapped, rushing to the side of the pony, her blue eyes icy and cheeks flushed pink. Xavier smiled at her back as she hurried around to the pony’s other side to finish.

‘I’m sure you can, Querida, but I’m happy to help,’ he said, wrapping a breeching strap around the shaft and buckling it snugly.

‘Thanks,’ she said, tight-lipped, looking away as her hands slid down Dzień’s rump towards the crupper.

‘Any possibility you might tell me just why you went loco on me back there?’ Xavier watched her brows drop as she stared at a strap she’d just buckled too tightly. Her lips tightened further as she readjusted it.

‘I want nothing to do with people who insult my friends.’

Como, what?’ He shook his head and blinked at her.

‘My friends, the Shoshone. The only friends I have left alive, other than Scotty,‘ she said from between clenched teeth, and then slumped, sobbing, against Dzień.

Cautious of her all-too-effective looking sword, Xavier slowly approached her. He slid his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against him, watchful for any fast moves on her part, not caring if her tears soaked his shirt. How long they stayed like this, he neither knew nor cared. Once her sobs quieted, he slipped his fingers under her chin, lifting her face to stare into the watery depths of her blue eyes.

‘Okay now, Querida?’

‘As okay as possible, I guess.’ She dropped her head again. ‘The Shoshone have been family to me, especially since Mama died,’ she murmured into his shirt.

‘Are you sure you won’t stay here? I’ll sleep in the stable, if it would make you happier.’

She closed her eyes and was still.

‘No, it’s okay. I’m sorry, Xavier. I’m upset, but that’s no excuse for my rudeness. Thank you for this.’ She nodded her head at his tear stained chest.

De nada. It is nothing.’ He smiled. ‘May I accompany you to your home, at least?’

‘No, really, I’m fine, thank you again. I’d better go farewell Scotty. It’s getting late.’

‘If you’re sure…’ Xavier shook his head and followed Aleksandra back inside.


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Lizzi Tremayne

Lizzi Tremayne

Lizzi and I met several years ago online and although I’ve never met her in person, we have talked by phone. Lizzi stays busy! She is a veterinarian who specializes in horses, and she’s very active with New Zealand’s Romance Writers. She writes and she rides! So how does she do her research when she lives so far from her childhood home? Lizzi never does anything ordinary. She spent her vacation on horseback, riding the historic trails of our west! Her stories are fast paced and suitable for any horse lover in the house who loves history, a little romance, and a whole lot of intrigue, mixed with action.  There’s a reason why her books win awards.

18 thoughts on “Love on the Pony Express Trail

    • Thank you, Susan! Until last year, I had his full brother too! They were bred from my lovely TB mare many, many years ago. Maya is now 17. His brother was two years older. 🙂
      So sorry you’re allergic. I’m lucky I practice in New Zealand because we don’t have many stables…good, because I’m allergic to cats, pine (read; shavings), hay (yeah, right) and tooth dust (and I am an equine vet with a specialty dental practice (go figure…)… and if I’m allergic to horses, I’m not saying. 🙂 I love writing, though! Come on by my website if you wish, sign up for my newsletter. I’m starting back to vet/ horse fiction and nonfiction after I complete this series! Thanks for coming by! xx Lizzi

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  1. Welcome to February Romance posts Lizzi. Beautiful cover. I can tell you love your gorgeous horse from the look on your face! Your story sounds enticing. It’ll be interesting to read what Xavier said to make Aleksandra so upset.

    Liked by 3 people

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  3. Hi, Lizzi! I love the picture of you and the horse. Now I gotta know why Aleksandra went loco. Love that line and really enjoyed your excerpt. My hubby was pre-vet (he always wanted to specialize in horses) and oh have I heard all sorts of animal stories from him. Horses are so beautiful; I can see why people love them. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hiya, Michele, is it?
      Thanks for stopping by! Thanks, I love the pic too. Maya’s a special kind of horse. Sometimes good special and sometimes… well, you know how it it. He’s, as we say down here, stroppy. 🙂 But, that being said, he was a good competition horse, and very sane. If he did something naughty, it wasn’t because he was scared. LOL.
      I love that line, too. I had a special person in my life who said that, and ‘que le vaya bien’… for ‘go well….” I get to use them. 🙂 That’s one of the things I love about writing. My special terms, people, places all eventually make it in. The scene that was going to be the first scene in Hills of Gold has been relegated to somewhere in the end of Tatiana… it was the scene I beheld the first time we put your fav horse from the photo into a gig… a racing sulky, to be exact…didn’t want him to trash my good carriage. 🙂 Except, his name was Maya, not Rogan, as in the story. 🙂 Now you’ll have to read the series through Tatiana! 🙂 When it’s done. lol Xmas?
      I’m going to be writing girl horse vet stories after this series, and some nonfiction vet ones too.
      Yep, horses are pretty cool.
      Thanks again for stopping, and for commmenting!

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      • Some people call me Jackie Michele. My mom called me Jacqueline Michele…when I was in trouble. Others call me Jackson. lol WordPress already had a JMMaurer and all sorts of combos of that name except jmichele. Anyway, thrilled you are here, Lizzi!
        I agree…horses are cool and have some amazing personalities. 🙂

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        • Lol.. Thanks Jackie. Yep, my sister was ‘Jackie’ too, and like you, she was Jacqueline Marie when she was in hot water. 🙂 She got Jackson, too.
          Thanks so much, I’m so excited to be here, and I love the way the group of you interact and care. 🙂 Suits the way I like to live.
          Can’t wait to spend more time with you all, and your lovely, lovely readers! I’ve been seeking a group like this with which to work!
          Thank you for the welcome!

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    • (smile). That irrational fear is probably pretty rational. 🙂 You just need to find a very sweet horse like the one in the photo, Maya, who will lick you to death. 🙂 You can get past it. If you fell off, someone wasn’t doing their job, unless you told them you wanted to do more than you could.N Responsible horse owners would’ve kept you on a lead and at a walk. 🙂
      Go find a nice old quarter horse. They’re pretty cool. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting, and even more thanks for commenting! Have a read! You might like horses more after this. 🙂

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