It’s March!

I hope everyone had as much fun with our romantic excerpts in February as we did. We loved sharing our friends books with all of you.

We’ve also added two new authors to Main Street. Lizzi Tremayne and Magdalena Scott. Please welcome them and be sure to read their posts. We have been an international group with Susan in Canada. But with Lizzi living in New Zealand,  we’re now worldwide and not just North American. 🙂 Main Street is everywhere!

As we transition into spring here, Lizzi is headed into fall.  Either way, it’s a lovely time of year between the extremes. I snapped this pic yesterday evening outside the library where local authors gather twice a month. Yes, those are trees in bloom and daffodils were img_20170228_175222blooming along with several irises. Has it been a bit warm here in the SE corner of Virginia? Yes! Unseasonably! But I won’t complain, as it keeps the heater off and the AC isn’t needed. Yet parts of the North America are still feeling winter’s cold blast.  There’s still plenty of time for this area to feel the cold of winter for we aren’t even close to the last frost date. But for now I’m happy!

We have lots of fun things coming this year. Our Christmas boxed set will be boxed-set-v3bkavailable for a little while longer before it vanishes, but we’re already talking about Christmas 2017. Remember our box is 99c and it’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited! It’s our gift to our readers! And it’s available in print!

So March is roaring in with a light breeze here. I’m in edits for an upcoming western historical, and my next contemporary is already dancing in my mind. I’m trying to keep those characters quiet until I finish with my western manuscript. I promise that characters have no manners whatsoever! They’re never quiet when you need them to be. 😦

My backyard began to fill with late winter color when the Lenten Roses began to bloom followed by the February Gold daffodils and the leaves of other spring bulbs have already begun to poke their heads out of the ground. The area that should be grass is blooming in almost solid purple with wild Lamium. That’s what happens when you don’t kill off the broad-leafed weeds in the grass. 🙂  What’s happening outside your window?

16 thoughts on “It’s March!

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Authors of Main Street!
    I’m looking forward to meeting all you readers soon! You can read my recent post, ‘Love on the Pony Express Trail’ and comment if you wish!
    Outside here, we’re in full summer (much like September in the California redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, where I grew up), very green and lovely. The horses, cows, dogs and cats are loving it!
    What about the rest of you?
    xx from New Zealand,
    Lizzi Tremayne!

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  2. We are definitely excited to welcome Lizzi Tremayne and Magdalena Scott to our group. Those trees are gorgeous, E. We’re whiplashing back and forth between warm to cool or cold. My Lilies and Jonquils are ready to bloom, the Japanese Tulip tree has been in full bloom for about three weeks, even through the freeze we had. Azaleas are budding! Our pollen count bounces around and causes trouble for those with allergies. Me included. My neighbor’s Lenten Rose is in bloom and it’s beautiful. Love this line because it’s so true. “I promise that characters have no manners whatsoever!”

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    • Characters tend to be very arrogant when they want keyboard time!

      I do love the early spring/late winter blooms. Those early showings always bring me joy. Even as a child I can remember the jonquils poking their heads through the snow to bloom. It’s that little sign of hope that says wonderful things are coming.

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  3. Hello from my studio apartment, where (unlike most of yesterday) there is electricity, and my cell phone has signal. We had a bad storm Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, so our March definitely came in like a lion! I’m super glad to be here, and look forward to getting to know everyone better.

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  4. Daffodils blooming is a sure sign of Spring. They must be the eternal optimists of the flower world. And who does love roses? Still weird in anything-can-happen-every-hour in Wisconsin. 70 degrees the last week in February and down in the teens first week of March. Can’t wait until Spring blooms in earnest here.

    So happy for you with your westerns. There is something so vital and heart-tugging about western romances. You make them come alive. Excited to read everyone you write!

    Happy Spring, E.!

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    • I agree. As a child, I remember the daffodils poking their heads through the snow to blossom.

      And thanks for your kind words about my westerns. I’ve really enjoyed writing them. There’s something very special about those people who settled our west. They had such a mental fortitude.It was a land of opportunity but also fraught with danger.


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