Out of the Box Book Selling Ideas


By the way, Cicero died in 43 BC. So even if he was concerned about his books being noticed, he must have been successful to have his words carry on throughout the centuries. Most of us don’t really care about being quoted 2000 years in the future, but those of us in the writing gig would like our books to get a little attention.

If everyone is writing a book and Amazon is swimming in free and nearly free books, how can anyone find your book baby? I’m beginning to think we writers and wannabe booksellers need to start thinking outside of the box.

Writer friends, I would love to hear your out of the box book-selling ideas. Leave an idea in the comments, and feel free to post a buy link and a two sentence blurb about your book.

Reader friends, how do you find books?

I’ll come back tomorrow with ideas. Hopefully, I’ll find a few. Stay tuned….Kristy

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11 thoughts on “Out of the Box Book Selling Ideas

  1. I attend book fairs and conventions to sell my books. That way I meet the readers face to face and can autograph paperbacks. This works well for my poetry too. 🙂

    “The Curate’s Brother: A Jane Austen Variation of Persuasion”
    A fanfic novelette that can serve as a prequel to Austen’s famous novel and is the first of a series of upcoming stories based on her characters in a new plotline.

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  2. I grew up in an Air Force family and now live in Ireland, with my Irish husband, so I didn’t have a hometown for book promotion. When it came time to promote my debut novel, I shared my book on the Facebook pages for some of the previous bases I had lived at in Germany. It worked well, as the novel is about the French Resistance in WWII and was sparked from my visit to Normandy while living in Germany. I currently have three historical novels available. To read more, you can visit me at http://www.NewHistoricalFiction.com

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  3. Most of my marketing is done online. My best sales have actually come from giving a book away for free. For a limited time, (5 days max if you’re in KDP Select) discount your book to free and promote it throughout social media, newsletter ads (like BookBub, if you can get it, but there a half a million others out there), and Facebook ads. That drives visibility, then after the promotion ends, people continue to buy the book at full price. Hasn’t failed me yet!

    “Sanyare: The Last Descendant”
    Framed for treason, a human woman raised by elves in the high court of faerie must forsake her oaths and flee into enemy lands to prove her innocence. Failure could cost more than her honor, or even her life…for war is looming in the nine faerie realms.

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    • I had a book that was doing well (rank was around 1300) and I tried the free thing. Huge downloads the first day, then half the amount the second day, by the third there only a few thousand downloads. And when it ended my book went into oblivion and stayed there. A year or two later, I began to see reviews where people said they’d gotten it for free and hadn’t bothered to read it. They kicked themselves for waiting for so long. But that book was the first in the series and the whole series collapsed after that fiasco. I will NEVER do that again. (I know never say never.) But prior to that freebie all of the series was running in the 4 digit range for rank and steadily dropping lower. I bet there are people who still have it on their Kindles and have never read it.


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