Decisions, decisions!

If you’ve ever tried to find the best recipe for Shepard’s Pie, you’ll understand how much time it takes to find the right one for you and your family.



Some use ground beef, or a mixture or ground beef and lamb, while other recipes use roast beef.

Most of the ones I’ve found have different herbs and spices, so it’s a toss-up. Some use only mashed potatoes on top, others use a biscuit dough crust.

So…I’ve decided on the recipe using roast beef. For now. Once the family tries it, I may go back to the original which uses ground beef. Crust or no crust? Mashed potatoes seem to be the norm. Guess what I’ll try first?

It’s worth a shot since it’s a great comfort food dish.

Here’s one recipe I’ve found for Shepard’s Pie using ground beef.  

Here’s another using lamb.

If you have a good Shepard’s Pie recipe, would you care to share a link?

 In the meantime, I’m finishing up taxes and writing on my next Christmas novel. “The Christmas Stocking” involves loss of a child and what could happen if you rethink your life and open your heart. 

I know, I know. Taxes and Christmas don’t mix and Christmas is a long way off, but not when the story has to be written, edited and rewritten.

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I wish you Butterflies, Music and Love

13 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions!

  1. I agree; Shepherd’s Pie is great comfort food! I’ve never made it. If I did, I’d spice it up a bit by using hot sausage. Can’t wait to hear how the roast beef pie comes out. And since it’s comfort food…I say double carb it and boost the mash flavor with some Southern honey butter homestyle biscuits. Yum. You’ve just made me hungry. Enjoy your pie, Carol! 🙂

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  2. Jackie, what a fantastic idea to use hot sausage in Shepard’s Pie to rev up the flavor. No harm in double-carbing either, especially with Southern honey butter homestyle biscuits. Yum! When I make meatloaf, I add a lb. of sausage to the mix. The sausage really adds a ton of seasoning and the difference is awesome. Hubby can always tell when I forget to use sausage. 🙂

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  3. To me, Shepard’s Pie is made with LAMB. Usually the leftover lamb from a lamb roast. It wasn’t something I made very often because hubby wasn’t fond of things where the different foods “touched”. 😉

    It was a basic lamb and potato soup-like (potpie) meal. Make a basic potato stock with carrots, celery, leek or mild onion, and basic seasonings such as salt. Add the leftover lamb and allow it to simmer for a long time (you want the flavors to blend). Then add some cut-up/cubed potatoes so it has some texture and peas.(Peas are a must in a potpie and the perfect early spring veggie) Mash some potatoes with a small amount of butter and some heavy cream along with some cream cheese and grated sharp cheese – reserve some grated cheese. The mash needs to be stiffer than normal mashed potatoes. Using a deep dish pie pan, make a normal crust to fit. Add the lamb mixture to the crust and top with the cheesy mashed potatoes. Create a pattern in the potatoes with a large meat fork. Leftover grated cheese can be sprinkled on the top – not a heavy coating just a light sprinkle. (It should look really pretty.) Bake.

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    • E., your recipe sounds delicious! Sadly, my hubby won’t touch lamb. I made lamb chops once when we first married. Never again. He couldn’t even stand the scent of lamb. Funny about George not wanting his food to touch. We once had a foster child who was the same way. He’d eat one item, turn his plate, eat another item and continue until he finished. 🙂 No casseroles for that young man!

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  4. MMmmmm… and it’s autumn here now, though my plum trees are blossoming (oh no!) and my hyacinth and other bulbs are coming up! Shaking head.
    Shepherd’s Pie… Well, I”ll have a think and get back to you. I like it with mince (read: ground beef, in Kiwi Land), deep dish crust, but first, brown meat (rolled in salt n pepper flour first) with onions and LOTS of garlic in oil, cover with a bit of water and add cut up root veggies, salt n pepper, cook overnight in crock pot, adjust water as needed to make thick gravy….oooh, E, Okay, we can add some cream… sour cream or yogurt? and then into the deep dish crust with some fresh peas, so don’t overcook them. Top with seasoned mashed potatoes, for for a real treat, use Kumara–the orange ones, (which are probably what you Northern hemisphere people (and me, once) call Sweet Potatoes).
    Thanks for the idea. I see more exercise coming up.

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  5. Wonderful variation on Shepard’s Pie, Lizzi. I imagine the sweet potatoes give the dish an unusually delicious flavor. I love sweet potatoes anyway I can get them.
    My son has eaten Shepard’s Pie several times, but enjoyed the one he had in Ireland the best. I’d like to get the authentic Irish recipe. Of course he stated the potatoes made all the difference in the dish when he was in Ireland. The potatoes had a unique taste. So, we’ll see how he likes Mom’s mixture when I get around to making the dish. 🙂

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  6. Since I was home alone for St. Patrick’s Day, I made a “mock” shepherd’s pie with all the leftovers from my Sunday turkey dinner. It worked just fine for me, especially with my favorite beer on the side.

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    • Eating alone is no fun, but I’m sure you made the experience a great one. Using leftovers is a win-win! The dish sounds wonderful. I’m all about being frugal too. Cheers.


  7. I agree with E., some of the best Shepard’s Pie is made with lamb. I make it with all lamb Haggis—-bet that’s a surprise—-GRIN. I also make it with Veg Haggis, so I can enjoy it. I whip the top layer of potatoes and add some parmesan to the top to help give the potatoes a brown crust-like top. Shepard’s Pie is one of those dishes that is meant to evolve and take on the character of the one creating it. I’ve even made it with smoked haddock—that was delicious!


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