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So I’ve Finished Another First Draft…Now What?

Yup! That’s how I feel when I’ve finally made it to the end of another story. But what happens now? Every author has their own process they go through. I thought I’d see if I could pinpoint how I get … Continue reading

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Retreats and Obsession

Though a Writing Retreat is months away, I’m already gearing up for the trip and making a list of needs or wants to generate a more enjoyable, week. Okay, I do buy items that aren’t really necessary, but what can … Continue reading

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New Release – A Baby for Easter

I’m excited to announce the release of the third book in my Holiday Bundles of Joy series. A Baby for Easter is a little different from the others—it’s a prequel to A Baby for New Year’s, told in the words … Continue reading

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New Project – Spring 2017

Happy Wednesday, All! As some of you may know, I am a lawyer by training as well as a high-conflict family law mediator. I mention that because up until now I haven’t been able to write about any aspect of … Continue reading

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What is a “Sweet or “Clean” Romance?

Lately I’ve been asked by a number of readers, and some authors too, to define a “sweet” or “clean” romance. While there seems to be some discrepancy within the publishing industry around these terms, the general consensus is that sweet … Continue reading

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It’s all fun until they knock on your door.

Research is queen in the writing world. Set your story in a city like San Francisco and use detectives in your police department instead of inspectors and someone will ding you for it. We can research the minutiae of every … Continue reading

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The Real Authors of Romance

Spend any time at all on the Bravo TV channel, you’ll probably stumble on a Real Housewives episode. There are half a dozen of these shows now, spanning cities across the world. (Did you know they have a London one? … Continue reading

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