The Real Authors of Romance

Untitled design (1)Spend any time at all on the Bravo TV channel, you’ll probably stumble on a Real Housewives episode. There are half a dozen of these shows now, spanning cities across the world. (Did you know they have a London one? They do!) With that in mind, I’d like to suggest Andy Cohen consider a new arm of this successful franchise: Real Authors. And get this! You could do different genres! Sci-fi, horror, mystery, literary, memoir, and of course, romance.

I’d personally volunteer for The Real Authors of the Romance Genre. Imagine how fascinated viewers will be, watching us guzzle coffee while listening in on strangers’ conversations at our local Panera Bread, Starbucks, or other public writing spot and finding a way to sneak that fun bit of dialogue we overheard into our stories. Don’t you want to know how we go about researching topics as diverse as women’s underwear in the medieval era, the interior of a G-6, or the sound a bullet might make in space? You can record our booksignings where we keep a friendly smile in place while we provide such pertinent info as directions to the restrooms. Get a peek at our real thoughts when we tell a parent that yes, your child can take a piece of the chocolate we brought with us to lure prospective readers to buy an autographed copy even though we know damn well it’s not going to translate into a sale at the event or any time afterwards. See how we balance writing with family life, day jobs, doctors’ appointments, chronic illness, financial issues, personal relationships, and make it look easy. Sneak behind the scenes to see how we decide things like cover art, titles, plotting vs. pantsing, signing a contract, or finding an agent. Discover how many times we remain polite and bite our tongues when our genre is put down as “those books” or called “bodice-rippers” in the media and learn why it annoys us. Witness our breakdowns when we get that fifteenth rejection, or third round of edits, the bad review that contains spoilers, or find our books on piracy sites.

We have the drama that all Housewives franchises air: serious friendships that sometimes turn toxic, two sides to every story, haves and have-nots, up-and-comers milling with established success stories, great victories and defeats.

Need a season finale that has a big fancy party like all those housewives host? We’ve got that! It’s called the RITA awards and it takes place at our RWA National Conference every year. We have ball gowns and teary-eyed emotional speeches and gold statuettes. We’ve even had several controversies at the event over the years.

And of course, we have romance. Lots and lots of romance. Come on. You know you’d watch.


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19 Responses to The Real Authors of Romance

  1. Carol says:

    Real Authors? Yes! I think you’ve stumbled on a great idea. Now…who could we entice to consider such a wonderful new show? Perhaps Sally Field? I think she’d get a kick out of hearing your brainstorm! Go for it, Gina!

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    • ginaarditoauthor says:

      Thanks, Carol. My first choice is the owner of the whole franchise: Andy Cohen. After that, maybe Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks’s wife and the producer of My Big Fat Greek Wedding). This requires someone with a unique sense of humor.

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  2. Fabulous idea, Gina. Go for it! This series might tempt me to end my 15-year break from watching TV!! 😉

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  3. LOL, Gorgeous, Gina! Yep, all of that looks pretty familiar, but for those Indies out there, we get to learn PhotoShop, InDesign, the ins and outs of publishing on Amazon, Smashwords (not called that for no reason…), iBooks,… and the list goes on! 🙂
    Thanks for your article, Gina!

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  4. Joan Reeves says:

    *LOL* I’d totally watch this. What a fun post, Gina.

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  5. jackiemaurer says:

    I read in one of my RWA magazines that H.M. Ward was asked to be a judge on a competition based show about romance authors. It’s supposedly set to air this summer. I love your idea of The Real Authors of Romance. Writing, for me, isn’t about a competition.

    I loved this: “See how we balance writing with family life, day jobs, doctors’ appointments, chronic illness, financial issues, personal relationships, and make it look easy.” Ha! Teach me, Gina. Teach me. 🙂

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  6. E. Ayers says:

    Watching me isn’t a very pretty sight! Especially when Photoshop and I go round and round!

    Actually I’m way too boring. The only action I see is in my novels. Although while plotting a book at Starbucks with a writer friend, this man stopped and asked if I was a novelist. I looked at him and said yes.Relief washed over his face. I was plotting the death of a character. I think he was ready to call the cops on me. 🙂

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    • ginaarditoauthor says:

      Haha! A psychologist I ran into in a Starbucks told me “All writers like to play God. You decide who lives, who dies, who wins, who loses…” I guess we do.

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  7. Jill James says:

    OMG, I was laughing my butt off. I would so watch that!! You summed up the writing life perfectly.

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  8. leighmorgan1 says:

    Gina, I wonder if they did do a “real authors” show, if they’d make us actually put on street clothing instead of footie pajamas, yoga pants, or the ubiquitous ratty robe. If if the casual coffee drinkers at Starbucks actually knew what we were jotting down in our notebooks, they’d be appalled—or at least a bit more careful describing their in-laws.

    Airports and planes are also great fodder for dialogue no one would believe….Grin.

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    • ginaarditoauthor says:

      Oh, my ratty robe would definitely make an appearance! I have three of them. One big fluffy one for cold months, a lighter weight one for warmer months, and a short one I pack for trips so I can have one in my hotel room. Yes…I’m *that* writer.
      And yes, I doubt people have any idea how their words wind up in our books.


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