What would you do???

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Have you ever been so frustrated with those you love that you hand wrote and then texted to them a photo image of a “non-love letter”? I have. And it’s still taped to the microwave. I can’t say that this exercise stopped the activity it was written to end. I can say my husband couldn’t get a certain song out of his head for days. Punishment enough??? Yep…Grin.




This is not a love letter.

When you leave the house with every downstairs light on full without putting the dogs out with working collars on – that is UNGENTLEMANLY behavior.

Since this has been discussed repeatedly – I will assume that absent an alien invasion or the zombie apocalypse if this happens again it is intentional.

In that event the following random intentional acts may come your way. This list is illustrative not exhaustive:

  • Playing Darth Vader theme music repeatedly so you vcan’t get away.
  • The constant airing of BBC shows.
  • Liberal use of ice water – the shower is not a safe space any more.

One angry when dogs go wild before 6:30 AM romance writer

p.s. This is May’s blog – Congratulations!

21 thoughts on “What would you do???

    • Grin. So true. Now if only those words would sink in….although my husband keeps hearing Darth Vader in his sleep, so I guess that’s something! πŸ™‚

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  1. LOL, Leigh! My house is Star Wars everything, so the Darth Vader music fits right in. And BBC is already on our TVβ€”a lot. But…that ice water threat would get me to cooperate and I’d do it for much longer than a week! I can’t stand to even dig around in my freezer without having gloves on.
    Fun post. Good luck with the gentleman in your house. They should automatically listen to you! After all, who wants an angry romance writer in the house and cooking your food? πŸ˜‰

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  2. This looks like something I would have done. Probably with less success. 😦

    I think it’s important that people today see that marriage has it’s bumps and frustrations. It seems people give up too easily. Sometimes it’s the people we love the most that seem to inflict the most hurt by failing to give a little courtesy and respecting those they love. The fact that they SHARE a living space should be a big hint to be cooperative!

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    • We call BBC shows, which I love, “Bye-Bye Cian” shows in our house because they make him want to leave the room. So, that was particularly effective. Ice water is still better though. πŸ™‚ No, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns but it is wonderful.

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  3. Yes, I’ve done it – though my non-love letter gets stuck to the fridge. I often say if I go away for more than a week, I will come home to a burnt-out shell of a house and my two males struggling to open a warped can with a sharp rock while my daughter stands over them, bawling them out for “not listening to Mom.” I’ve never come up with dire repercussions so that’s my new goal! Rom-coms, Moms’ bubble music, and the banishment of ice cream in the house would probably do it.

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  4. I love this! Why didn’t I think of this when the men were all home (I swear they were the ones with PMS, not me.) i did go on strike once—-put a notice on the refrigerator that unless (I left a list) certain things were done there would be no more “nice MOM, cook, chauffeur” etc…..it worked! I totally sat out for two days making my own dinner, spending time going for walks when they had to be at sports……on the second night, the list was done (even those assigned to the head man) and life returned to “normal”…..from that point on all I had to say was “remember that list????” and said boys scurried away to accomplished said tasks…..And I even got asked out for breakfast several weeks later and it wasn’t even Mother’s Day!!!! Kudos.

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    • That’s beautiful, Diane! Love that. I surely didn’t get brunch out of the deal…I think I have to up my game. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the smile!

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    • I went to strike once, and it didn’t work. I got out of cooking, laundry, and cleaning for a whole week. At the end of that week, I was climbing the walls from the mess in the house, and it took me almost two weeks to catch up! Oh, and when my daughter walked into the house I was trying to clean up because they didn’t, she just looked at me and asked if I was over my selfish little tantrum! GRRR!

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      • Pointing out nefarious doings is one thing. Going on strike takes it to another level. If I went on “strike” now, none of my family would look at me and say, “Fix It”.


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