I admit it. I’m going to need therapy.


I’ve prepared for this moment for eighteen years now. But in these last few hours as a mom with a senior in high school, come Saturday, I know I’m going to completely fall apart.

Sure, after twenty-four weeks of puking my guts out and an emergency C-section, I cut the cord to my only son. Really. I did.

  • Who sent their five-year-old to Wisconsin for camp? I did.
  • Who sent their eight-year-old 700 miles away to summer camp where he’s going to learn to identify bear scat and sleep in the woods? I did.
  • Who handed over the key fob on that very first day the driver’s permit was issued and taught him how to drive all over Chicagoland? I did.
  • Who dropped their sixteen-year-old off at O’Hare Airport so he can board a flight to Boston and experience a three-week engineering adventure? I did.
  • Who got exceptionally nervous when she received a picture text from her I’m-way-too-busy-to-keep-in-touch son who captioned said photo: Literally lost at MIT? I did.



Who taught him how to make pancakes? Admittedly, I did NOT do this; apparently, he can read the box and follow directions. YES!! But wait! I taught him how to read. Therefore, I must have also taught him how to make pancakes. Booyeah!


So why am I going to fall apart this Saturday at the graduation ceremony and do it again when I drop him off this August so he can begin the next adventure of his life? Because…

  • Who’s going to point out what’s wrong with commercials X, Y & Z?
  • Who’s going to have a conversation with me about the plot of the latest show we’re addicted to, and how he’s über confident the plot is following Vivaldi’s Four Seasons because, to him, “It’s soo obvi.”
  • Who’s going to destroy the upstairs bathroom and have no clue it’s disgusting?
  • Who’s going to insist the 80’s music I grew up listening to isn’t in any way too loud and should, therefore, be cranked up even more?
  • Who’s going to beat me in Family Game Night?
  • Who’s going to tell me he loves me each morning before heading out the door?

The list could go on. After all, a lot has gone on during the short eighteen years from the moment he took his first breath to now. And it has been short, seemingly flying by like a next-generation fighter jet that is obliterating supersonic speeds well above Mach 6.72, which is 6.72 times the speed of sound, or 4520 miles per hour. Fast. No wonder everyone keeps saying, “Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.”

Yes, there is so much to look forward to in life. And ultimately this is exactly what hubby and I have prepared our son for. But, among many things, I sure am going to miss our evening mealtime, which turns into thirty minutes of Wheel-watching and a focused attempt at being the first to blurt out the answer to the puzzle.


Thankfully, I’ve got hubby at my side to help me solve the puzzles I can’t, friends who insist on four-hour lunches at Portillos, and my Main Street sisters to keep me busy. Now, where did I put that number so I can make an appointment for my first therapy session? Might it be 1-800-Disney?

17 thoughts on “I admit it. I’m going to need therapy.

  1. Wanna know something? You’ll survive it. It will actually be easier than you think because for the last 18 years you’ve been raising this human to stand tall and do well. The odds are in favor of him doing just that. And you are going to be so proud of the man he’ll become. You’ll miss him and the laundry pile won’t be as large and the food budget will seem to stretch much farther. What was once a family vacation becomes a second honeymoon. 🙂

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    • So perfect that you mention the “spreading of the wings and soaring,” especially since I’m an avid Eagle watcher. You are right, Stephanie. I am already exceptionally proud of him. Hugs right back at you! ❤

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  2. Everyone’s replies are right on! The fruit of his raising will be ten-fold. You and your hubby can stand proud of the man your son will become. Love the Wheel of Fortune puzzle too!

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  3. I understand every bit of this. When I dropped my daughter off at college years ago, I cried all the way home (a 6-hour drive) and listened to all the songs that reminded me of her and our close relationship. By the time my son went away five years later, I thought I was ready. Nope. I cried all the way home then, too. After all, he was my baby.
    My daughter graduated and moved back home, but my son still attends college four hours away. Each time he comes home for break, I notice he’s grown a bit more, become more independent, and I get a little bit prouder of the man he’s becoming. It gets better. I promise. And thank God for texting and Skype! You’ll at least be able to keep in touch.


    • It is an exciting time. Thankfully he surprised us and decided to attend a school that’s only 5+ hours away instead of one that’s 15+ hours away. Scholarship money and great [cafeteria] food stole my son’s heart! Having had the food, I have to admit it was delicious. 🙂 …Thanks for stopping by…now I know who to go to with all of my questions. Hugs to you, Gina. ❤


  4. Going through the same thing with my “little man”, who isn’t so little anymore. Hard and exciting and so darned weird. I’m trying to spend every moment I can with him. I’ll hold your hand through it, if you’ll hold mine. 🙂 Congratulations, Jackie….and condolences too. Grin.

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    • I’m with you. This summer is all about family. No writing for me. And I’ll gladly take your hand, Leigh. Then we can high-five once we’ve made it through, because you’re so right, it is an exciting time. 🙂 Congrats and hugs to you!!


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