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It’s Time for a Divorce

Divorce? Yes! The time has come. The relationship has ended. There’s nothing left of what was once wonderful and beautiful. It’s over. As an author, there comes a time when we must divorce our characters. It’s tough. We don’t want … Continue reading

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The City by the Bay with Friends Along the Way

Recently, my family and I did something we’d never done before. We planned an actual vacation that didn’t revolve around travel baseball or returning home to visit with family and friends. With three votes cast, a drive down California’s Pacific … Continue reading

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Are You A History Buff?

If you’re a history buff, this would be a perfect trip to make. I’d love to add photos here, but they are licensed. So, I’m adding links to some of the sites instead. Margaret Mitchell visited her grandparents at … Continue reading

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Mountain Time

Sometimes, all it takes to gain perspective is to get out of your own head. Sometimes, a trip to the Tetons and Rockies is in order. I learned a very important lessen in perspective when my husband, son, and I … Continue reading

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The Things They Say

When my kids were born, I got baby books to store mementos and record their milestones. Later, I bought similar books to document their school years. For my oldest daughter, I recorded every lost tooth and immunization, taped in snippets … Continue reading

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I Need a Title!

Those words don’t usually come out of my mouth. When I settle down to write a story I almost always start with a title. The Authors of Main Street are working on Christmas stories for a new boxed set and … Continue reading

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Welcome to Long Island!

I admit I couldn’t come up with a topic for this month’s blog post so I put it out to my Facebook friends/followers and one suggested I write about life on Long Island. See, that’s the first thing you have … Continue reading

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