The Things They Say

When my kids were born, I got baby books to store mementos and record their milestones. Later, I bought similar books to document their school years. For my oldest daughter, I recorded every lost tooth and immunization, taped in snippets of baby hair, and added pictures from holidays and special occasions. With the twins, I had the best intentions to do the same but … let’s just say there are gaps.

It gets a lot harder to stay on top of baby books when you have more than one little person to look after. I now understand why my parents took so many more pictures of my older sister as a toddler than me! But there is one thing I am good about recording – their cute quotes. Here are some that still make me chuckle.

“Banana broken!” – Mia, age 2, looking at a banana peel.

“I want my hair to go round and round.” – Sophie, age 3, asking for braids.

“I want to see the flat tiger.” – Emma, age 5, mishearing us talking about a flat tire on her sisters’ stroller.

“The wrist on my foot hurts.” – Sophie, age 5, complaining about her sore ankle.

Sophie, age 4, sees me reading my Kindle. “What are you doing?” Me: “I’m reading.” Sophie: “Why can’t I hear you?”

“Who’s that guy? He’s so handsome.” – Mia, age 4, spots a guy across the street in a black leather jacket mounting his motorcycle.

“Mom, we’re not nocturnal.” – Emma, age 7, protesting going to bed before sundown.

“I want my apple without the crust.” – Mia, age 4

“I love you so much that I have to think up another name for it.” – Sophie, age 6

Emma,  age 10, explains “sacrifice” to Sophie: “It’s when you give up your life to save someone else. Or something else like going to jail. You have to care more about other people than your own life.”

“You give presents to people you love. If you don’t love someone, you can give them a present, too. Then maybe they will love you. That’s how you make love.” – Mia, age 5

“Getting married involves kissing. On the lips. Which involves germs.” – Sophie, age 6

Mia’s fortune cookie says: “A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon.” Mia says: “I wonder what store it’s in!”

“I want to be good and listen to my parents, but I keep forgetting.” – Sophie, age 6

“Canada is not a country! Canada is any place in the world where there’s peace and joy. If you don’t live in Canada, you can’t have any friends.” – Mia, age 6

Sophie, age 6: “Sometimes when I’m at school, I imagine that you’re there with me.” Me: “How come?” Sophie: “Sometimes when I feel nervous, I pretend you’re there.” Me: “Why are you nervous?” Sophie: “Well I don’t really feel nervous. I just like being with you.”

5 thoughts on “The Things They Say

  1. I love these, Susan! Like Mia, I want to know who the “handsome” guy is. And did you write a story about him? 😉 The “Mom, we’re not nocturnal” from Emma…LOL I wish I’d have thought of that growing up when my sisters (who are 8 and 10 years older than me) used to make me go to bed early. I couldn’t tell time, but the sun was still very high in the sky. It probably wouldn’t have mattered. Though, my oldest sister has since apologized for her actions. Great job of keeping a list of their cute sayings. It’s so hard to remember them and reading them helps bring it all back. ❤

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