Mountain Time

Sometimes, all it takes to gain perspective is to get out of your own head. Sometimes, a trip to the Tetons and Rockies is in order.

2017-07-11 14.27.08I learned a very important lessen in perspective when my husband, son, and I went for dinner at a beautiful restaurant in the Tetons called: The Granary.

2017-07-11 20.43.23The setting was perfect – a glorious view of Grand Teton. The food – gourmet expensive and worth every penny. It was where we celebrated our 30th Anniversary.2017-07-11 19.58.57

In the lobby, on the way out, we met the manager, who looked harried and exuded tension. He was from Wisconsin, not far from our home. He was pleasant, as most people are from Wisconsin when we meet one another at a far-off locale. He said in a conspiratorial voice as he leaned in, “I’ve got a cabin in Northern Wisconsin. I can’t wait to get away from the rat-race and settle there.”

And here we were, escaping “The Rat-Race” in the mountains. Funny. Ironic. And, strangely charming.2017-07-13 13.28.44

We love our time in the Tetons, at Yellowstone, and in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is an escape. A time to view our lives through a more pure and detached lens. A time to lose the daily clutter.

Then we came home.poster_8e88831e280e48a0bd553eef4b9c6ce5_62777729_ver1.0_640_480

The National Guard was called out to our area as a result of massive flooding (Note: not our home in the photo, we suffered a minor tree fall but no water damage). My son’s car needed to be towed as a result of a fluke breakage of a strut coil spring that rendered it in dire need of mechanical assistance. And, we had to purchase two new cell phones in as many days – the second one died this afternoon. That’s why this blog is being posted in the evening rather than my usual morning post.

Perspective and distance.2017-07-11 20.46.44

I’m learning that both are necessary when racing rats.

Here’s to rolling with what happens, enjoying the mountains when we can, and not caring overly much when you lose not only the phone it took you years to figure out, but all your contacts as well.2017-07-11 15.36.35

Small things…when you observe them from a mountain perspective.

Happy July,


5 thoughts on “Mountain Time

  1. I agree, perspective is everything. I try to use a six-month rule where if I won’t be upset about something six months from now, then I shouldn’t let it get to me at the time it happens. Following that logic isn’t always easy. But your pictures are gorgeous! And it sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary. With all the flooding we have here, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to ship it out West to use for all the forest fires. Perspective. Enjoyed your post, Leigh. ❤

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    • Thanks, Jackie. Sounds like your 6 month rule works. An elder attorney once told me, nothing is an emergency now that isn’t an emergency 48 hours from now. Don’t get sucked in…think and wait. Most times have proven him right. Just 48 hours and what was the end of the earth tends not to be.

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