The City by the Bay with Friends Along the Way

Recently, my family and I did something we’d never done before. We planned an actual vacation that didn’t revolve around travel baseball or returning home to visit with family and friends.

With three votes cast, a drive down California’s Pacific Coast Highway became the focus of our trip, which would start off with a visit to . . . “The City by the Bay.”

Quick, turn on your phone’s flashlight and cue Journey!
“When the lights
go down
in the city
and the sun shines on the bay…”



And now cue the sounds of a record needle being pulled violently across an album.


Highway 1 closures.



I read the news and stared at picture after picture of the massive mudslide that wiped out a huge section of the road. Thankfully no one was hurt. But the road closure was a sure sign our trip down Highway 1 wasn’t meant to be. However, there is always beauty to be found with a change of plans. And had heavy rains not pelted California over the winter, I most likely would not have gotten to meet an amazing author friend—Alison Henderson.

Unfortunately, because we were having such a lovely time, I didn’t stop to think about getting a picture. We’ll just have to meet up again and fix that!

And get her to sign a book for me since I love her stories. Today, I thought I’d share one of my favorites with you.



Boiling Point takes place in Chicagoland.

It’s the second book in the Phoenix, Ltd. female bodyguard series. And I can tell you this story is a fast-paced, fun contemporary romance, featuring a pair of undercover bodyguards working at cross purposes, a selection of unlikely suspects, and a robotic sous-chef named GRAMPA.

Genre: Romantic Mystery & Suspense with Humor

322 pages

I truly enjoyed this story, and I’m looking forward to the next in the series.


You can find out more about Boiling Point over at Amazon


About Alison Henderson

I haven’t always been a writer, but I have always embraced creativity and relished new experiences. Seeking to expand my horizons beyond Kansas City, I chose a college in upstate New York. By the time I was twenty-one I had traveled the world from Tunisia to Japan. Little did I suspect I was collecting material for future characters and stories along the way.
71Gv14nI3yL._SY200_I began writing when my daughter entered preschool (she’s now a full-fledged adult) and became addicted to the challenge of translating the living, breathing images in my mind into words. I write romance because that’s what I like to read. The world provides more than enough drama and tragedy. I want to give my readers the happily-ever-after we all crave.
I’ve been married to my personal hero for more than thirty years. After decades of living in the Midwest, we’ve recently heeded the siren call of sun and sea and moved to the most breathtakingly beautiful place imaginable – the gorgeous central coast of California. I look forward to the new stories this place inspires.

You can find out more about Alison and her books by visiting her website.


I have to agree with Alison. California is gorgeous!

Family vacations are fun. I highly recommend meeting up with friends along the way!




11 thoughts on “The City by the Bay with Friends Along the Way

  1. Hi, Alison. Welcome. Your book sounds exciting! I’ll check the book and your website out.
    Jackie, I had read about the mudslide. So sorry you were one of the ones who had to make other plans. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is still a lot of Highway 1 open to enjoy. From San Francisco down to Big Sur…it’a all so beautiful, more than a camera can capture and words can say. Many thanks for stopping by, Carol. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Kristy! From Carmel, we cut through the valley and headed over toward Sequoia National Park. Just gorgeous the entire drive! I can see why you love it, and I bet it’s a bit warmer where you are than it is in the northern coastal parts of California. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Lizzi! Yes, there’s always a silver lining. So glad we had this extra time on our schedule to slow down and meet up with another author. How cool is that!? And as you know, Cali and NZ are both gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by, Lizzi! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love hearing about an author who happens to be good. Word of mouth is always the best. I think some of the greatest authors today are considered “unknown.” And some of the biggest authors are not the best. I’m going to look for a book by Alison Henderson and buy it!

    So sad about the mud slides. I was reading about how many acres it added to California’s coastline and what it will cost to rebuild the road. The destruction to the area and lack of tourist dollars further hurts the area.Those before and after pics. Oh my!! So very sad.

    Liked by 1 person

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