Christmas in Eastport – Coming Soon

Chistmas in Eastport3.inddWelcome back to Eastport!

My contribution to this year’s Authors of Main Street boxed set, Christmas Babies on Main Street, is the final installment in my Eastport series. The characters from the first three books make an appearance, but don’t worry, you don’t need to have read any of them to enjoy book four.

Here’s the blurb:

A holiday visit to her hometown of Eastport brings Carly Nolan face to face with a part of her past she’d rather forget. That face belongs to Mitch Logan, the boy who broke her heart when they were seventeen. When their reunion leads to one passionate night, Carly is convinced that Mitch has changed and dreams of a fresh start with her first love. But after rumors and revelations shatter her illusions, she resolves to leave Mitch in her past for good—a pledge that becomes impossible to keep when it turns out there are not just two hearts on the line, but three.


About susanrhughes

Susan R. Hughes is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and historical romance. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband and three children.
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10 Responses to Christmas in Eastport – Coming Soon

  1. Joan Reeves says:

    Love the cover, and I know I’ll love the book. Can’t wait!

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  2. jackiemaurer says:

    So excited to see Carly get her story. But, oh my … “…there are not just two hearts on the line, but three.” ❤ it!! 😀
    Congrats on the upcoming release, Susan!

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  3. Diane Culver says:

    Grew up in Westhampton Beach—am writing a series called Hampton Thoroughbreds based in “Hampton Beach” and the Hamptons——my grandparents lived in Eastport. Leaving this page and going to download your other books in the series…..Diane Culver

    Sounds like a great TBR series for the long winter up here in Syracuse where we get 150+ inches of snow every year. It’s me, my laptop, the fireplace on and a cup of Earl Grey tea (sometimes with a touch of Baileys)….Can’t wait to read.

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  4. Jill James says:

    Susan, that blurb is awesomesauce!! Love it. Can’t wait to read it.

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  5. Carol says:

    Great cover, Susan. A wonderful blurb, it sounds exciting.

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  6. leighmorgan1 says:

    Love the blurb, Susan! It sounds very much like a story I’ll read in one sitting. Can’t wait. 🙂

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  7. E. Ayers says:

    Can’t wait to read this next book in your series! I love your stories and your writing. Awesome author, one of those quiet gems that hides in people’s TBR pile until they discover you.

    Liked by 1 person

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