Christmas! It’s Available for Pre-Order

Our 2017 edition of Christmas stories is now on Amazon on preorder,  Christmas Babies on Main Street. Release date Oct. 12, 2017. All your favorite Main Street authors have stories tucked inside. Remember, we are an international group so everyone’s Main Street is a little different. But don’t you think that’s what makes it fun?

These are clean stories you don’t have to hide from the children, and of course the same wonderful quality that you’ve come to expect from us.

And if you have a horse lover in the family, expect your Kindle to vanish while she reads the novella from Lizzi Tremayne!

All though Sept. you’ve been reading snippets of these stories. All of our stories are complete, not teasers! And they are all brand new stories!

So grab your 99c copy today! It will be delivered to your Kindle Oct 12. And as one reader commented on our boxed sets, there’s not a sinker in the bunch so read them all! And what is Christmas without a little romance?



8 thoughts on “Christmas! It’s Available for Pre-Order

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Many of you have been asking when my latest novella, Once Upon a Vet School #7, would be out…It’s up for preorder now, as part of the Authors of Main Street’s Christmas Boxed set!
    It’s only 99c (USD)
    even better, it’ll be out on 12 October!

    So, there you are!
    Please feel free to share!

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    • I know as a young girl I would have scoffed it up in a heartbeat, maybe faster! And it’s a wonderful peek behind the classroom doors of veterinarian school.

      This is such a great collection of stories. I’m really proud of this box and all the authors here in Main Street.

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  2. Ordered Mine!!!!! Tweeted & on FB. Very excited. Going to be doing glassware for promo give-a-ways. Probably will do the cover if someone can get me the font–we’ll do the rest! LOVE this set cover.

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