Babies and More Babies!

There isn’t anything any sweeter than the scent of a baby, any baby, anywhere. Snuggling a baby creates a joy and a peace in your spirit.

And speaking of babies…

Christmas Babies on Main Street released October 12, 2017.

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This baby themed anthology was a delight to bring together for our readers and we’re thrilled to share fabulous stories with you again this Christmas season.

Take a peek inside our small towns, their families, and nine stories of baby love to warm your heart. Though these stories are written with Christmas in mind they’re excellent reading any time of the year.

My contribution story is The Christmas Stocking, book two of Apple Lake series.


Ellie had never wanted to settle for less than a happy home and the sound of pitter-patter dancing across her floors…but she had. Ryan Newsome had married her only to give him babies. One week after her second miscarriage, Ryan took the cowards way out and walked away.
Little did Ellie know, God was about to intervene.

The Christmas Stocking Final (small)

Chapter 14

“I’d really like an actual shower. Those bed baths kept me fresh, but there’s not much that feels better than warm water running over your body.” Luke glanced over at Ellie. “If that’s okay.”

Oh, my! Do not even think about it. No way am I giving you a shower.

From his reaction, she must have had an expression of shock on her face.

“I’m sorry,” he said, then laughed. “It doesn’t pay to think out loud. I meant nothing by that statement.”

“Well…I’m happy to hear that. And no. No, it isn’t a problem. I’ll call and have an aide come by to help you.”

“That won’t be necessary. If you’ll help me gather everything, I can take care of myself.” Luke held up both hands, palm side out. “I’d prefer to hold off on the aide.”

“I don’t know. You’re still weak. What if you should fall?” She sent him a stern look. “You can’t expect me to barge into the bathroom and help you up from the floor. Didn’t they assist you with showers the last few days? Normally they do before releasing patients.”

“Yes, they did. My leg was too weak to stand though. Extended therapy will improve the muscles. Trust me. It may take a while to get back to normal, but after this week’s therapy, I can handle a shower now.” He grinned over at her. “I promised not to be a burden on you, remember?”

Whatever he was, he wasn’t a burden. In fact, she rather enjoyed his company, so far anyway. More than that, her heart had done several flips when he’d smiled at her. Embarrassed at her reaction to the stranger who’d recently lost his wife, Ellie scolded herself for being so taken in by his dreamy blue eyes and easy smile. Not going there. I’m not ready for a relationship. Certainly he isn’t.

“I remember.” Ellie let her gaze linger over Luke. “This decision is entirely up to you. I refuse to be held responsible if you get hurt.”

“I realize you don’t know me well, but what kind of person do you think I am?” Luke tensed. “I wouldn’t dream of holding you responsible for something I did to myself.”

“Okay then. Hold on a minute,” Ellie said. In a few minutes, she was back with several pairs of slacks, shirts, unopened underclothing, new socks and a pair of house shoes. “Try these. You’re about the same size as Ryan, except taller. They may not be a perfect fit, but since you don’t have your clothes yet, they’ll have to work.”

“Hey, thanks. Real clothes will be a welcome change from the hospital gowns. I’ll get Mrs. King to pick up some of my clothes tomorrow.” Luke grabbed his cane and hobbled behind Ellie and into the downstairs bathroom. He exhaled deeply and blew into the air.

“Are you okay?” Ellie asked, as she laid out his clothes.

“Yes. I think so. Reminiscing, that’s all.”

“Would you like to talk?” Ellie’s heart went out to Luke and his children. Their lives were changed in an instant, because of the car accident.

Luke raised his eyes, which were filled with grief. “No. But thanks for offering.”

“I’m sorry about your wife, Luke. Truly sorry.”


Do you have a favorite Christmas memory you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your story!

We’re excited the book set has been received so well. If you haven’t gotten your copy of Christmas Babies on Main Street yet, please consider checking it out!

Please check out these links to my books, available at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

I wish you Butterflies, Music and Love

8 thoughts on “Babies and More Babies!

  1. Carol, I’ve not read your story yet, but I can’t wait to get to it. Luke and Ellie have been through so much. Your stories are always so sweet and filled with hope. Just as you always say you wish your readers butterflies, music, and love, you seem to always wish your characters that same happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most of my characters are troubled and work through plenty of emotional flaws. It takes a lot to bring them out sometimes, but they do find hope. I hope you enjoy Ellie and Luke’s story in Book Two of the Apple Lake series!

      Liked by 2 people

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