The Author’s Promise

An author’s promise lets you know, as a reader, what you get when you get that author’s books. A guarantee that their book will be what you expect from them.

Mine is: A little sweet. A little sexy. A lot happily ever after. So, no matter if I’m writing contemporary romance, paranormal romance, or even my zompoc romance, you will get a story that is a little sweet, a little sexy, and a whole lot of a sappy, over-the-top happily ever after. I am a true romantic and that is what I put into each and every story I write.

Now, sometimes a story will skew a little more heat in the little sexy. Nothing over the top, just a little hotter. Or, like my stories in the boxed sets, a little more sweet. But always, that lot of happily ever after.

So many of my auto-buy authors make this promise and keep this promise. I can pick up a James Rollins and know I’m about to go on an amazing adventure. If I pick up an Allison Brennan, I’ll get a tense thriller with just the right amount of love and romance.

Do you have an auto-buy author? Have you ever been disappointed that an author didn’t keep their author’s promise?

Jill James, author of Baby Steps and Snowflakes in the Christmas Babies on Main Street boxed set.

6 thoughts on “The Author’s Promise

  1. Baby Steps and Snowflakes is a wonderful story filled with emotion. I enjoyed reading it so much! Thanks for sharing it in “Christmas Babies on Main Street” in our boxed set this year!


  2. I hate to say this but I know I’ve had books by favorite authors who just fell flat. It’s so disappointing. As a reader, you feel betrayed. It wasn’t a case of not liking the characters or whatever, it was the writing itself. The kind of thing that makes you double check to see if it was written by that author.


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