Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It’s hard to believe another year has gone by so quickly.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to the grocery three times this past week. I work from a list, but there was always something I’d forgotten, or decided on another dish or dessert to make and needed extra items.

The past few years have been easier. We spend Thanksgiving with my daughter-in-law’s family. We all pitch in, take a few dishes, add with multiple others, then the table is full. Wonderful day with extended family.

I used to make the entire dinner myself for anywhere from fifteen to twenty-something people. My home filled with family, love and way too much food. I loved every minute of the day! I also miss those times terribly.

Kids grew up and had their own families. They stayed home and prepared their own dinners. New families making their own traditions, yet still shared with family.

I am thankful for my family and friends.

I wish you a Wonderful Thanksgiving with family or friends. May the day be a blessing to you.

What are some of the ways you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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I wish you Butterflies, Music and Love…


About Carol

Carol’s roots are sown in the South. Her writings are Southern, small town based and include romantic comedies, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. She believes in falling in love, family values, and happy endings. When time allows, she dabbles in art, and always has popcorn, pickles, and hot chocolate on hand. While a dose of humor sprinkles throughout her stories, they may or not, be based on real life characters. Some are convinced they are, but only she knows for certain, and she won’t gossip. Carol currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family. A multi-published eBook author since 2011, Carol's won numerous awards, and previously published in poetry, short stories and novels. Novels available in ebook: (A Short Story) A MATTER of TASTE, PERFECT MATCH, A SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS (also available in print), CHRISTMAS at the GRANGER INN, CHRISTMAS at APPLE LAKE, THE CHRISTMAS STOCKING. Coming December 2019: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Wedding Coming December 2020: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Baby Where to find Carol DeVaney online: http://www.caroldevaney.weebly.com http://www.caroldevaney.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/carol.devaney http://twitter.com./caroldevaney
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10 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. We’re RVers now so cooking a turkey presents something of a challenge 🙂
    We buy a turkey breast and cook it with roasted veggies. It works, lol
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Carol says:

      Hey, a lot of people only cook a turkey breast. I think it’s the best part. It’ll be delish. I need dressing to go with though. RV’ing sounds like a lot of fun. Lots of inspiration for your stories. 🙂 Thanks for dropping in. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. jackiemaurer says:

    We have a birthday that falls near Thanksgiving so the dessert is now always a cake. I really miss my mom’s pecan pie, which was always made from scratch, and I can never get that crust of hers just right. So if any of you have pecan pie at your house, please eat a piece for me. Happy Thanksgiving! ❤

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    • Carol says:

      Happy Birthday to the birthday person! I love a really good pound cake. Yum. I have a hard time making pie crusts. I can cook about anything you can mention, but pie crusts always send me to the frozen section at the grocery. 🙂 I’ll think of you while I have a small slice. Love it, but lots of sugar. Thanks for dropping in. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. susanrhughes says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  4. E. Ayers says:

    I enjoyed Thanksgiving. My kids cooked it. It was just family but everyone was there. I expect one day the youngest generation will scatter across the USA and that concept of gathering family together will no longer be possible. 😦

    Hope yours was great.

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    • Carol says:

      E, don’t you love it when the younger generation steps up to the plate? I see that slowly happening in out family too. They’re better cooks than they imagined! May family always remain close.


  5. leighmorgan1 says:

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love to cook for our family too, but as you say as the children grown and make their own families, Thanksgiving evolves. We still put cucumber ends on our foreheads while we cook, like the kid’s great-grandmother used to do. We still make all the foods my grandmothers loved. We’ve added new ones along the way. We still set an empty plate for those who have gone before, while we remember how they still fill our hearts as we tell old stories that keep them with us at the table.

    Thanksgiving truly is the “Giving” and the “Remembrance” holiday for me. Maybe that’s why I love it so much.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Carol and may your ChristmasTime be Merry & Bright, and filled with Love.

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