My Favourite Ornament

raggedyOf all the ornaments on my Christmas tree, this little vintage 1970s Raggedy Ann and Andy pair is my favourite. The bodies are formed from some kind of foam, the faces are plastic, the clothes are fabric and the distinctive red hair is made of yarn. It’s not the most elegant ornament on the tree, nor is it in the best shape, but it’s my favourite because it fills me with warm memories of childhood Christmases.

When I was growing up, my family tradition was to slog out in the cold and snow to cut down a live tree from a tree farm. I remember the pleasant pine fragrance that filled the house, and the incredulous looks on the cats’ faces when we dragged the tree into the living room. Once my dad set up the tree in a stand, my sister and I would decorate it while listening to Christmas records by Roger Whittaker and Nana Mouskouri. Many of our ornaments were kitschy plastic things, and I particularly remember several Snoopy figures on skates, skis and a taboggan. Of course, Raggedy Ann and Andy were among them. There was something magical about this ritual that ushered in the Christmas season.

A few years ago, I noticed my parents weren’t using the old ratty ornaments anymore. I asked my mom if I could have them and she was happy to give them away. Many of them are falling apart or the plastic has degraded, but Raggedy Ann and Andy still look as cute and sweet as ever, and now cheerfully hang among the branches of my family’s tree.


About susanrhughes

Susan R. Hughes is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and historical romance. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband and three children.
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4 Responses to My Favourite Ornament

  1. jackiemaurer says:

    I love your Raggedy Ann and Andy ornament, Susan. There really is something magical about all of the little things we bring out for the holidays. I always loved those candle lights that looked like water was bubbling up the candle as it changed colors. They should make those lights again.
    Love that photo!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours! ❤

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  2. E. Ayers says:

    I think we’ve all had those little favorite items that live in the warm memories of Christmases past. There’s a few old ornaments that I have that are no longer worthy of hanging but they are still packed away because they are worth a smile and warm fuzzy feeling as I hang the prettier things on the tree. And there are a few lovely old ornaments that hang proudly beside the newer things. Pieces that have survived at least 140 years in the family such as the china angels that are bells. I still love them. And I few that I don’t dare hang, those probably belong in a bell jar on the mantel. 🙂
    But for me, they are old memories. The warm fuzzies from childhood that were filled with hope and thoughts of Santa.

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  3. leighmorgan1 says:

    Childhood ornaments are the best. They have so many memories attached. It must be wonderful to know that your girls will cherish this ornament as much as you do. Hopefully one of them will proudly hang RaggedyAnne&Andy from their tree when you pass it along. Roger Whittaker, what a blast from that childhood memory~my parents & my grandmother loved him. Merry Christmas, Susan!

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  4. Carol says:

    Being able to hang your Raggedy Anne & Andy is a wonderful treasure from your past, Susan. I hope your girls take turns using them when they have their own families.


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