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A Quick Reminder

Wednesday, January 31, is the last day to purchase Loving Matilda  for 99c. It’s my Montana Sky Series book. It starts in Debra Holland’s gold mining town Morgan’s Crossing, Montana, goes east, comes back to Morgan’s Crossing, and eventually winds … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters: Dane & Shana

Meet Dane Blaise & Shana George, partners in Beachcomber Investigations on Martha’s Vineyard and two of my favorite people. This charismatic couple—or non-couple as the case may be—will answer some probing questions to help us get to know them. Then … Continue reading

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You like to read – What?

Second Chance stories intrigue me. I love reading stories of lost and found relationships. So much can happen in the in-between years. I’m familiar with a couple who, in their younger years, double dated and each went on to marry … Continue reading

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New Year Goal – Read More!

When it comes to resolutions, I generally make a list and spend the rest of the year beating myself up for not achieving them or achieving marginally. NOT QUITE UP TO PAR. Well NOT this year. I have more modest … Continue reading

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Did You Know?

In my editing work, I’ve noticed a number of common errors that trip up writers. So I’ve decided to don my editor’s hat today and present a few that you’ve probably come across many times.  An Historic or A Historic? … Continue reading

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Use The Things

New Year’s Resolutions. Do them? Ignore them? Do them and drop them by the wayside come January 31st? I’ve done all of the above. But this year I decided to do something different. I decided to make a choice to … Continue reading

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THE END is the start of a new beginning

Typing those magical words THE END on the current work-in-progress is a wonderful feeling, especially when it is a full-length novel that has been in gestation for more than a year, counting character sketches, thinking about the plot, researching facts … Continue reading

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