Use The Things

New Year’s Resolutions. Do them? Ignore them? Do them and drop them by the wayside come January 31st? I’ve done all of the above. But this year I decided to do something different. I decided to make a choice to change one thing in my life.

I’ve made a choice to Use The Things. You know the things. Mom’s crystal candlesticks stuck in the china cupboard for special occasions. Grandma’s afghan that sits in the linen closet because you might get something on it. The crystal and china for special occasions that come once a year…or never.

I will be 55 this year and it has put a change in my brain. If I don’t use those things now, when will I? After I’m dead? The kids all like new things. They aren’t going to want the things I have collected and prized for years. So, this is the start of me getting the beautiful things out of linen closets and china cupboards and curio cabinets. I can use and enjoy the things I have and not need new things.

So…Mom’s crystal bowl for the sugar.








Mother-in-law’s carnival glass for a fruit bowl. I think she got it from her mother or grandmother. Doesn’t it look lovely on my new granite countertop island? I think so.






I have my grandmother’s Wedding Ring quilt to hang up as soon as I get the curtain rod and hangers. It is going in our guest room.

Don’t wait to use the special dishes, burn the special candles, or to surround yourself with those special things handed down from generation to generation. You are special and deserve to Use The Things!!

Happy New Year. Happy You!!

Jill James, author of The Lake Willowbee series

12 thoughts on “Use The Things

  1. What are you saving those things for anyway? Your coffin?
    BTW, in another 10 years you will begin to realize that gifts given to you need to be things you can either use up or eat. Can you say chocolate? 😉

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  2. I LOVE this idea, Jill! There are so many “special” things that I inherited from my parents and grandparents that I keep hidden away like treasure that is to be kept but not seen. How pointless. I’m going to “channel Jill” and start using the things that matter. Can’t wait to see what memories they evoke when they see the light of day. Happy New Year, Jill!


  3. Absolutely! What she said! Both my mother and my personal romantic hero’s mother died with cupboards full of presents from their children that they’d never used. USE THE THINGS. Enjoy them. Think about the people who had them before you. Love those people in your thoughts as you use the things.


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