New Year Goal – Read More!

new_years_resolutions_listWhen it comes to resolutions, I generally make a list and spend the rest of the year beating myself up for not achieving them or achieving marginally. NOT QUITE UP TO PAR.

Well NOT this year. I have more modest expectations. I’ll write them down as they come, so far I have only one.

READ MORE. (Keep track, write a review).

51Ox2y5cwOL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_So far, I’ve finished Lee Child’s, “The Midnight Line” and Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris’s, “The Lost Words”.

Two completely different books. If you haven’t read Lee Child before, start with an earlier book. If you’re a Reacher fan, wait for the next one.

As for “The Lost Words”, it’s a beautiful book in every way. Meant to put the magic back into language of nature, it does so, beautifully.412tLlnwukL._SX357_BO1,204,203,200_

It’s a children’s book, and I loved it. Not as much as “Wind in the Willows”, but more than “Charlotte’s Web”, which sits on my desk. Well worth the read. Written in response to words like ACORN, OTTER, LARK, and BLUEBELL being struck from children’s dictionaries.

517C-UTkNAL._AC_US218_I’m currently reading “Benjamin Franklin, an American Life” by Walter Isaacson, which about 1/8 in is enlightening and well written – we’ll see how it finishes.

I’m only a few pages into, “Magpie Murders” by Anthony Horowitz. Can’t really say much besides I’m intrigued, confused, and hooked. I’m thinking I’m going to love it.41TDQZ5XDsL._AC_US218_

I’m re-watching all of the “Inspector Lewis” episodes from Masterpiece Mystery – so well written and acted.

I’m loving the new TV show, “Lethal Weapon” as well. It’s funny. Sometimes poignant. Always entertaining. If you haven’t seen Season One – do – the arc is so satisfying.

Simple things on my list for this New Year. READ MORE, TAKE NOTE OF GREAT STORIES, written or on the screen, WRITE A REVIEW. Adding one more, TRY TO EMULATE WHAT I ENJOY.

What are you reading or watching?

What keeps you reading or watching?

Happy New Year – May great stories find you.


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19 Responses to New Year Goal – Read More!

  1. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    Leigh, you’ve got me thinking now… and I have some very overdue reviews to write. 🙂
    Thank you!

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      Elizabeth, I feel your pain…or perhaps lack-of-review guilt is more accurate. As writers we always search and seek reviews–at least Indies do because reviews are necessary to establishing a readership. I’ll be writing more than one later today. Grin! Love to hear what some of your favorites over the year have been. Always willing to add to my reading list.

      Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. Happy New Year!

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  2. Carol says:

    I have so many books to read! I’ve started several, but they don’t hold my attention. Must find something interesting. Good luck with your list.

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      I’ve become kind of a snob about reading. Not in genre or known authors, but in page length read before I chuck it. If I’m not into the story in the first 25-30 pages, I’m done. There are just too many really good books out there to read. I’ve read many by authors previously unknown to me, so it’s not like only best-sellers are worthy. The best sources I’ve found this year have been “word of mouth” suggestions.

      That’s how I got the Benjamin Franklin book. Probably wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise. So glad I did. The problem with it is it’s just so full of interesting information that it’s taking me forever to read. I keep taking notes. Maybe that’ll pay off and I’ll do a time-travel with Franklin as a walk-on. (I say this with a grin since that is nowhere in my plans).

      Don’t feel guilty about not finishing a book, Carol. You know what good/solid writing is and isn’t. If it stinks, or gives you that, “why am I reading this” feeling–chuck it. Half-Price-Books or the local library take-a-book-leave-a-book will take it. Maybe someone else will enjoy it.

      Maybe we should start an, AUTHORS OF MAIN STREET, book club. Virtual reading, and in my case, wine sharing. We could throw it open to anyone world-wide. Pick a book, and your favorite under $15 bottle of wine and we’ll critique both! We could start with something well known like, Terry Pratchett’s, SNUFF. Just a thought…could be fun!

      Happy New Year, Carol!

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      • E. Ayers says:

        Love that Idea! Bet our readers would too!

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        • leighmorgan1 says:

          I participated in a world-wide book club on Twitter that worked really well. The authors who initiated it did not pump their own work, instead they started with a book that had a pivotal role in their lives–co-incidently it had to do with the Christmas season we were in, so I think that generated interest as well.

          We could each recommend a read we loved. No agenda, just great story-telling and community loving it. If one of us thought the chosen book was too sensual/controversial/dark/unworthy, etc…that person wouldn’t need to participate for the 6wks or so it would take to do a “community” read and engagement session. Each one of us could pick a book and see what happens?

          I’d be willing to start! Grin.

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      • E. Ayers says:

        Life is too short to read a bad book!

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      • Carol says:

        Wonderful idea, Leigh. What great fun!

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  3. susanrhughes says:

    I binge-watched Bates Motel seasons 1 to 4 over the holidays and now I have to wait for season 5 to come to Netflix. It’s disturbing but so compelling. The acting is sooo good. The wait is killing me!

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      I think binge-watching gets a bad rap, Susan. It’s the best way to watch a series if you’re interested in arc and character development. It’s also immensely satisfying! I haven’t watched Bates Motel, because I still get creeped out taking a shower in a tub with a shower curtain. Guess, PSYCHO really did a number on me as a kid. Grin.

      I just binge-watched the whole first season of LETHAL WEAPON before the second season started. I know just how you feel. When something is so good you can’t wait for the next installment, then that’s fantastic story-telling!

      Happy New Year, Susan! Stay warm, “up North.” 🙂

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  4. E. Ayers says:

    I am intrigued with THE LOST WORDS. I’ll have to find it and read it.

    Growing up I learned quite a bit about Ben Franklin. He was eccentric and yet brilliant. He happened to be a friend of a family member, which made me want to know more about Ben. One thing is for certain, he was a very “colorful” character and responsible for all sorts of positive things today such as public libraries and fire departments. You’ve probably stumbled upon my ancestor while reading about Ben. 🙂

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      Oh, my Gosh, E.! I’d love to hear more about your ancestor! Sounds like a, “National Treasure”, type story that should be chronicled. Are you going to do this kind of story? I’d love to read it!

      The Lost Words, is beautiful. It’s a very large book. I’ll post photos of my holding it later so you can see the scale.

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      • E. Ayers says:

        I know there’s been a lot of family genealogy done because it’s a famous family. There’s a huge society devoted to him and the family. My dad had the family Bible. I remember looking at it as a kid in my grandmother’s house. I asked my dad about it one day and he said he gave it to another family member. That man had as much right to it as my dad. So when my dad died, my sis asked another cousin about it. Long story short, no one knows what happened to it. Darnit! I know my name was added to it. (My grandmother was very particular about things like that!) NO interest in doing a story on any of it. I just find it fascinating.

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  5. Kristy Tate says:

    Reading is my favorite thing! I just finished The Hideaway by Lauren K Denton and I’m looking forward to reading some contemporary romance novellas today so I can glean some inspiration for the Authors of Main Street spring box set. I love that I get to read as part of my “job”!

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  6. Jill James says:

    I just finished reading two James Rollins’ books. The Demon Crown was suspense from beginning to end. I don’t want to spoil it, but NO ONE is safe. I need to add that unputdownable quality to my own books.

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  7. Jude Knight says:

    Read more. Write more. Spend more time with friends and family. There’s something wrong with my picture. I know. Invent a whole new day.


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