Bird-song, Joy and the Growing Light

Mourning-Dove_5637This morning I heard our resident mourning doves greet the sun with their smile-inducing coo. They greet the day with joy. They say goodnight to it with the same lyrical celebration.

In this I want to be like a dove.

spring-equinoxYesterday was OSTRA – the Spring Equinox – the day when Spring officially begins and the moments of light and dark are equal.

I love this day. Tomorrow the Light grows, by almost two minutes per day, until the longest period of Light and the shortest night.

Spring is the time of Hope. It brings eggs, seeds, sprouts, chicks and bunnies. How can we hear bird-song reveling in the longer days and not be warmed inside? Impossible.

Now is the time to plant our seeds and nurture them into future abundance. Literally and figuratively.thGOTSE2J6

I’ve used today to plan my next two months, and sketched out the broad strokes for my next novel.

Today I’ve also sketched the goals for our business for the short-term and the next few steps I can take immediately to help that business grow and flourish.

We cannot plant literal  seeds for our vegetable or flower gardens yet, it’s far too cold here for that. Still, the planning has begun. Hint, there will be a plethora of impatiens and a variety of heirloom tomatoes.

May the many blessings of Spring be yours. Happy Easter. Happy OSTRA. May we all grow in Love, in Health and in Abundance.



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2 Responses to Bird-song, Joy and the Growing Light

  1. Carol says:

    There’s nothing sweeter than listening to a Dove coo, except early morning bird songs. Happy Easter and blessings to you. May your garden flourish!

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    • leighmorgan1 says:

      Thanks, Carol! The tulip bulbs have popped already. Hopefully we won’t get any more snow so they can bloom. The small hyacinths haven’t emerged yet, nor have the daffodils, but hopefully they will by Easter.


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