Weeds Are My Worst Lawn Nightmare

And…I’m sure I’m not alone in the fight to eradicate those nasty unwanted plants. Yes, you can use a lawn service, or you can be stubborn and devote a little (or a lot, depending on the size of your lawn) time to test tried and true solutions of homemade weed and some grass, killer.

Okay, I admit working in the yard is something I do enjoy. Most of the time.
Sometimes, you simply have to try new solutions for those nasty weeds that want to smother your grass, not to mention drive you nuts. Who has time to spend on lawn weeds when you could be lolling on the beach?

I’d read several internet articles for vinegar uses. Apparently, vinegar is a miracle liquid. I use vinegar as many uses in the home, cleaning, windows, mopping, and laundry to name a few.

One day, a few months ago, someone on Facebook posted a natural remedy for ridding your lawn of weeds using vinegar.

There are different recipes, so search the internet for one that pleases you.

Here are a couple of links if you’d like to research.

After years of spraying a chemical on my lawn, I decided it was time to go green there also. What could it hurt to give it a try?

So the recipe I used is as follows:
1 gal. white distilled vinegar (Mine was 5% acidic)
2 cups salt (Not iodized)
¼ cup dishwashing liquid. (I used Dawn)

Okay, I made a trip to a store and purchased a 2 gallon plastic sprayer and each ingredient.

The lawn should be warm and dry enough to use the concoction. In a clean pail, I mixed the salt into the vinegar until it completely dissolved, poured the mixture into the sprayer, then added the dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquid does absolutely nothing except help the solution adhere to the plants. So give your lawn a wash. Ha, ha.


The solution may kill grass and plants you don’t want to get rid of. It is also said…wherever you spray…don’t expect to plant anything anytime soon. Nothing much will grow for maybe up to two or more years. So do be selective as to where the spray lands! Let’s hope the wind isn’t blowing.

The solution wasn’t 100% effective in spots, as yet, but…it did work on 98% of sprayed areas. I’m hoping to see more of a difference for round two spray. If not I’ll either locate a 18% acidity, or find another answer to my problem.

Let me know if you try this concoction. I’d be interested if it worked for you!

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Until next timeI wish you Love, Butterflies and Music.


About Carol

Carol’s roots are sown in the South. Her writings are Southern, small town based and include romantic comedies, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. She believes in falling in love, family values, and happy endings. When time allows, she dabbles in art, and always has popcorn, pickles, and hot chocolate on hand. While a dose of humor sprinkles throughout her stories, they may or not, be based on real life characters. Some are convinced they are, but only she knows for certain, and she won’t gossip. Carol currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family. A multi-published eBook author since 2011, Carol's won numerous awards, and previously published in poetry, short stories and novels. Novels available in ebook: (A Short Story) A MATTER of TASTE, PERFECT MATCH, A SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS (also available in print), CHRISTMAS at the GRANGER INN, CHRISTMAS at APPLE LAKE, THE CHRISTMAS STOCKING. Coming December 2019: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Wedding Coming December 2020: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Baby Where to find Carol DeVaney online: http://www.caroldevaney.weebly.com http://www.caroldevaney.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/carol.devaney http://twitter.com./caroldevaney
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8 Responses to Weeds Are My Worst Lawn Nightmare

  1. Great, thanks! Another way to play with weeds!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jackiemaurer says:

    I’m glad you enjoy yard play, Carol. I don’t, but your concoction reminded me of one we used when our son was young. We used to use a mixture of liquid soap, mouthwash, beer, and water on the lawn, bushes, and trees. I have no idea if it actually did anything, but I felt better about applying it. Have a wonderful summer.

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  3. Jill James says:

    I’m very tempted to try a ‘green’ weed killer. I’m afraid the Round-up is going to give us all cancer down the road.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carol says:

      There are several different solutions you can find on the net. Google it. Round-up has been my go-to weed killer for years, and I would imagine yours too. It works, but at what cost? Good luck finding your favorite!


  4. Jude Knight says:

    Winter, here in New Zealand, and our lawn tractor is going in for its annual service while the cold inhibits grass growth. With nearly two acres to mow, we’re not that particular about the dock, dandelion and buttercups. Indeed, we tell people our seed mix is CDW. Cut-down-weeds.


  5. Carol says:

    We only have an acre, but that’s big enough to have to cut! Thank goodness for riding mowers. CDW mix. Isn’t that the truth? Grass seed isn’t all grass. Stay warm.


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