I’m back!

Yes, I made it! I’m here.

Except it seems nothing is going or went as it should. My email is down. (Still don’t know what is wrong with that.) I’ve locked myself out of a dozen different sites trying to access them from my daughter’s house in North Carolina while I recuperated from my surgery.

My old cat decided he was lonely while I was gone and did a few not so nice things. I did have a friend checking on him constantly, but she isn’t his mommy. My being gone for two months must have been very upsetting to him. I’ve yet to discover how to reason with one of my pets. Their concept of time isn’t very good.

Sugarplum, my tiny dog, stayed with my oldest daughter and enjoyed playing with twins, 80+ pound Basset hounds. My daughter kept Sugarplum spoiled with lots of lap time, belly rubs, and treats. But she played so much she lost a little weight. She’s eating her weight in dog food since she’s been home and her ribs are still poking out. I think she’s only seven and a half pounds – normal for her is eight pounds. At least she’s not overweight. She’s happy and healthy. She also adores my daughter and her Significant Other. We’ve nicknamed him the dog whisperer because he’s so very good with animals and they love him.

The animals did fine. I’m the one who had problems. The actual surgery appears to have gone very well. Waking up and realizing that I was alive, moving, and thinking clearly was a terrific feeling. It’s impossible to explain how scared I was going into that surgery.

A whole chunk of my hair was shaved off and several spots on my head had little sections of hair removed. What a mess! But I sweep my hair to one side and hide the largest shaved area. One of the smaller spots of shaved hair was along my part line, so I moved my part. I think it’s a great camouflage job. Guess eventually enough hair will grow back that I’ll simply be able to cut my hair to one length… Five years from now I’ll get that haircut.

My biggest problem is damage to one eye. Nine hours of surgery, I think most anything could happen and apparently it did.  The specialists who have cared for my eye have suggested several explanations as to how it was damaged. It’s physical damage that was done. It shouldn’t have happened but it did.

My girls brought me “home” the day after surgery with a caveat from my neurosurgeon. I had to have an appointment the following day with an ophthalmologist. My eye was flaming red. Thus started a long process of trying to heal and protect my eye from more damage. I still have no clue if it will ever be right or if I’ll ever be able to see more than hazy light through it. It’s been frustrating and debilitating.

What is amazing is how much and what medical science can do today. My surgery is mind-boggling in itself, but what they are doing to save my eye is unreal. These procedures weren’t around thirty years ago. I’m not giving up on the eye. I’m working closely with the retina specialists to heal and keep this eye healed. I think it will happen.

At the moment, my time on the computer is limited. Using only one eye, the one that was the weaker of the two, is all I have. It tires easily. But I’m determined. I’m a little behind on my writing schedule because of the complication with my eye, however, I’m still writing. People have faced worse things and have kept going. I figure I’m a little like that pink rabbit that just keeps going and going. I refuse to give in or give up. I’m crossing my fingers that in another month, my eye will be better. Progress will be made!

The Authors of Main Street have our newest boxed set up on Pre-Order for 99c. That box does not contain my story. BUT!!! If you order the boxed set, my story will appear on an update shortly after you receive the book. That gives you plenty of time to read the other stories first. And this time, I’ll be as surprised as you because I haven’t read a single word in this release. I can’t wait to indulge in another AoMS reading fest of great stories, knowing that each one of these summer romances will entertain and be different.

Fifty Miles at a Breath

12 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. It’s so good to see you back and writing! Happy you’re recovering nicely and hope your eye continues to heal back to one-hundred percent. I look forward to your story once it’s added to the box set. Happy writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll let my story be a bit of a mystery, but I promise there’s a wonderful hero, a busy heroine, a sassy little girl, a service dog who wagged his tail into the little girl’s heart, a funeral, grandmother, a family owned garden center, and a coffee shop. Plus I stuffed it all in a small town.
      The only thing that’s more fun than writing a romance for the Authors of Main Street is reading them!

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  2. Glad to have you back, E. All the best with the recovery. The human body is a wonderful thing and the human spirit even more amazing. Looking forward to your story joining ours in the update!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Extremely frustrating! But everything else is great, and I’ve got some wonderful doctors working on the eye. I’m adjusting to this new routine and learning to live without bumping into anything that happens to be on my right side. 🙂


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