Why I Love Writing & Why Writing Sometimes Loves me…the, “sometimes” is Key.

My Blog about what got me interested in writing was supposed to be published on Wednesday July 18, 2018. The writing gods/goddesses/fates had other plans. I think they’re still laughing at my finely tuned schedule.

On Wednesday, we were set to take 15 people to Scotland to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, and, as a precursor to planning tours of our own as part of our Scottish Food & Gear company, MacSki Highland Foods & Gear.


Our flight got rescheduled 3 hours early. We were notified of this with one hour to spare—sort of. On the way to O’Hare, we encountered a fire that had 6 helicopters hovering and traffic backed up so far I thought I was going to have to swim, first to Dublin, then to Glasgow—a feat no one my height, age or general disposition, should attempt.

Then the airline lost our luggage—still waiting for that to be resolved, 4 days later. And this is my first shot at having a wifi spot that doesn’t dump me.


THIS is exactly why I love writing. It make the trying times less trying. It makes the exasperating, “I’ve had it to…HERE!” times laughable, maybe not in the moment, but it sure is funny later when I write it down. And it makes the heart-warming, belief in the fundamental goodness of most people, that much more poignant.


Still don’t have my luggage. Can’t read the WaPo, the N.Y. Times, and the Guardian on-line, or search for diamonds I’ll never own before I go to sleep, like I’ve grown accustomed to. That said, I’ve had a wonderful pint in Christchurch with the two men I love the most, I made it to Glasgow and now to Argyll filled with thankfulness for every memory we’re creating.

And I’ve finished this blog. SLAINTE! One and All. May great writing be your companion when live throws yours plans to the wind. May you always have a good pint, a glass of wine, or some home-brewed tea, to nourish you. And, May you always have loved ones at your side to laugh with and to hold when life reminds you control is as elusive as plans.

All My Love,



7 thoughts on “Why I Love Writing & Why Writing Sometimes Loves me…the, “sometimes” is Key.

  1. Happy Anniversary. Yes, writing is a wonderful comfort when things go wrong. If nothing else, as a fellow writer said the other day, it is soothing to think of all the ways you can kill the character based on the person most annoying you at the moment!


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