The Trouble with Wishes

Don’t we all hold dreams and wishes in our hearts? Some we share, others we hold deep inside.

Ellie Newsome has both.

One wish though, she hides well. The wish is hers. Hers alone.

Was it fear or timing that leads her to a secret wish?

The Trouble with Wishes is included in Authors of Main Street’s Christmas Wishes, due for release November, 2018.

THe Trouble with Wishes Final (small) (2)


Partial Chapter 10 – Excerpt 

The Trouble with Wishes

The night’s sleep hadn’t done much to alleviate suspicions and the way Ellie felt regarding Luke’s proposition. She wouldn’t rest until she laid out the issue between them. There was too much at stake. Before second thoughts took over, she called Luke to meet with her at the Corner Café on the square for lunch.

“I offered you the position because I have faith in you. First and foremost because I trust you. Also you’re a hard worker and project the confidence the job requires to take on such extreme obligations. Please. You must never doubt my reason.”

“You talk a good talk, Luke. Did you offer the position to use me?” she whispered.

Luke strained to contain his resentment, but bristled, his face went red, and he clammed up.

When she was in this frame of mind, she couldn’t let well enough alone. She did, after all, set up this meeting to straighten out the issue between them.

“Well, did you? Was that your intention? If so, the decision blew up in your face.”

Luke shoved back his tea glass, nearly spilling its contents over the table. “No. No, Ellie, I certainly did not,” he snapped. “Why on earth would I use you?”

“Then, I apologize for the remark, Luke.” she murmured. “I suppose the job offer came at the wrong time. I believed you’d plied me with dinner, the visit to the falls and opening your heart to make me feel sorry for you. Then, I’d accept your offer to help you out.”

The sorrow written over his face said it all. She wished he’d never invited her to dinner, or they’d gone to the falls…most of all she’d like to wipe away their conversation of the job offer.

But she couldn’t.

“How did we ever get to the place that you’d mistrust me so much, Ellie? I thought we were friends. Friends that respected each other.” Luke stood motionless beside her at the table, and drew in a deep breath. “By the way, you know how I feel about anyone feeling sorry for me. I don’t like it. At all.”

Ellie wrapped her arms around her waist and would’ve wondered the same about why the mistrust, except the memory of the look he’d given her over his coffee cup last night, was the moment when she’d realized he had been searching for an employee.

And I was it. His choice.

Luke snapped up the bill and flipped a tip on the table. “Thanks for the discussion, though we still have this terrible wedge between us. Since you still have doubts relating to my truthfulness, perhaps we should both give ourselves time to digest the matter. If we don’t have trust, then there isn’t much left between us.”

“I think you’re right. We need more time,” Ellie said, though her heart was breaking.
Luke nodded, turned, and without so much as a glance back, strode to the cash register.

Ellie swallowed back a lump in her throat as fat as a baseball. She missed the old Luke. The one who’d shared his children with her. The one who’d helped make her feel alive again after Ryan. The one she vowed to wait for, no matter how long it took. Now, the way things were coming together, her wish may never be realized.

That was the trouble with wishes. Wishes aren’t always fulfilled.

I wish you music, butterflies and most of all, love.


About Carol

Carol’s roots are sown in the South. Her writings are Southern, small town based and include romantic comedies, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. She believes in falling in love, family values, and happy endings. When time allows, she dabbles in art, and always has popcorn, pickles, and hot chocolate on hand. While a dose of humor sprinkles throughout her stories, they may or not, be based on real life characters. Some are convinced they are, but only she knows for certain, and she won’t gossip. Carol currently resides in Georgia with her husband and family. A multi-published eBook author since 2011, Carol's won numerous awards, and previously published in poetry, short stories and novels. Novels available in ebook: (A Short Story) A MATTER of TASTE, PERFECT MATCH, A SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS (also available in print), CHRISTMAS at the GRANGER INN, CHRISTMAS at APPLE LAKE, THE CHRISTMAS STOCKING. Coming December 2019: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Wedding Coming December 2020: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Baby Where to find Carol DeVaney online:
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9 Responses to The Trouble with Wishes

  1. Kristy Tate says:

    Have you ever had a wish that you regretted? Something that you wanted or thought that you wanted for a really long time, only to discover that it’s something you didn’t want, or need, like at all? That’s happened to me a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lizzi Thompson Tremayne says:

    Looks great, can’t wait to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jill James says:

    I used to wish I would have a published book. When I finally got The Call (email) and they said they wanted to publish my book I was over the moon. But by the time it came out I was floundering. It had been my dream, my heart’s deepest wish. Now that it had come true, what did I do next? It took some time to get my feet back under me again.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jude Knight says:

    I’ve had wishes that couldn’t happen. I learned early in my adult life that when a dream turns sour or evaporates into mist, it’s time to redream. We can’t live our lives with regrets.


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