Writer Fan Girl

Every writer I know is an avid reader and a lover of words.

I’ll admit, I’m a writer fan girl. Some writers make my heart sing.

wind in the willows

KENNETH GRAHAME – still manages to do it with The Wind in the Willowswhich I will enthusiastically read to my grandchildren when they magically appear.

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, JOAN REEVES, and JULIE GARWOOD (historicals) do it for me with their heart swelling romance.

I turn to LEE CHILD, C.J.BOXAND JOHN SANDFORD when I want a thriller.

Yet, who is the true Rockstar among the writing elite? J.K. ROWLING. Why? Because she got my son to read novels and kept him reading novels with joy and the love of great storytelling.

Who are your favorite storytellers? What makes them special? Here are some pictures from our J.K. Rowling tour in Edinburgh and York (the Shambles aka Diagon Alley).


Happy reading,


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5 Responses to Writer Fan Girl

  1. Yep, they sure do make the heart sing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, @leighmorgan1!
    Lizzi Tremayne

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  2. susanrhughes says:

    Love the Shambles! I visited York with my boyfriend (now husband) many years ago.

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  3. Kristy Tate says:

    I studied in London in 1981 and have returned twice since then, but only for a couple of days each time. I would love to be able to spend an extended time there again.

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  4. Jill James says:

    Leigh, my bucket list is definitely a trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland. At the moment, Lisa Kleypas and Tessa Dare are my go-to authors for historical romance.


  5. Carol says:

    What a fabulous trip! I’d love to visit one day.


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