Judging a book by its cover

Have you ever rejected a book because of its cover? Or bought it on the strength of the cover alone?

Does it bother you when the cover doesn’t tell you much about the story, or when the details on the cover don’t match the story in some way?

I mostly self publish, and I have the skills to use a graphics program, so I often make my own covers. Or I have a friend who is a real designer, and she makes them for me, to my specifications. My covers reflect my tastes. Except for the latest, which reflects the tastes and practices of the publisher. I have a book coming out with Scarsdale Publishing later this month, and they’ve just sent me the cover.

I’ve put some of my own in the gallery above — six published and three unpublished books. The top three were made for stories I’ve written for the Authors of Main Street: Beached for Summer Romance and A Family Christmas for Christmas Babies on Main Street. You’ll see Abbie’s Wish in the Authors of Main Street box set this November. The others are some of my historicals. 

And here’s House of Thorns, the one Scarsdale made.

I love the colours. And I really like that they got her small and him big (that works for my story). But it’s a departure. I have to admit it is a departure!

What do you look for in a cover? And how much does the cover attract you to or repel you from the book?

(And if you want to know more about House of Thorns, take a look at my book page.)

5 thoughts on “Judging a book by its cover

  1. Totally different from your other covers, but the couple is hot, the colors are rich and sumptious. I love it. I would pick up that book in a bookstore. I look for rich colors in historicals. Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, tawny gold. A beautiful dress will sell me every time.

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