Halloween Happiness: 2018

halloweenI love Halloween. It’s my father’s birthday and the day after mine.

Not only does the day mark my entry into the world – and thus a very good excuse to eat copious amounts of dark chocolate cake with butter-silk chocolate frosting – it’s just plain fun.

thCMHF3NUAPumpkin carving is fun.

Dressing in my favorite witch’s hat is fun.IMG_7175[1]

Giving away my favorite candy is fun.thBXE8EHN0

It’s also a great entry into what for us CELTS is the dark half of the year. SAMHAIN (sow-wen) is the Celtic New Year.

For me this means more time thinking, dreaming and writing.

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

If you’re a teller of tales, what are you working on?

untitledHappy Halloween and many Samhain Blessings to you all,


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6 Responses to Halloween Happiness: 2018

  1. maryraebel says:

    What a great way to greet “the dark half of the year.” Cheers to dreaming, writing and eating lots of chocolate!

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  2. susanrhughes says:

    Have a great birthday! Halloween was my grandpa’s birthday too.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, Susan! Happy Birthday to your grandpa as well. I’m sure there are many fabulous memories for you surrounding this magical day!


  3. Carol says:

    Happy Early Birthday, Leigh! Have loads of fun and enjoy that delicious chocolate.

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