Thanksgiving 2018

happy-thanksgiving-imagesHello fellow writers, readers and travelers.

I’ve been traveling more this fall, which is a blessing. With that comes more to do at work and at home before voyaging again. I’m used to this in the summer. Not so used to it when the dark is rising and it’s time to slow down and enjoy this wonderful time. It’s the time when creativity sparks and storytelling and story consumption reign.

Fall means new TV series (story enjoyment). Fall means snuggling under a blanket or near a fire reading that which brings us joy.

Fall means Thanksgiving.

And, inherent at Thanksgiving are the stories we have of those who are with us in spirit, those prior holidays where weird, wonderful and sometimes painful events occurred.


Thanksgiving is my favorite time to remember my childhood holidays – back when my mom added sour cream and fruit layers to perfectly good Jello. When my maternal grandmother put meat in pastry and called it pie. And, when my paternal grandmother let me snag a piece of fruit from the fruit and brandy mixture she kept fermenting on the counter that would become her “Friendship Bread”. My grandma, with my hindrance she chose to call help, made several dozen tiny loaves of Friendship Bread which she gave to those she loved. These were precious gifts of her time, her love and her esteem.

I think about my grandma every day. When I make this bread I do so with love, and a naughty smile as I add an extra splash of the good stuff just for her.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with wonderful memories while you make new ones to cherish.

Here’s my grandmother’s Friendship Bread recipe. WARNING, If you eat too much fruit before baking the loaves, you’ll get a headache.

fruit bread

Irma’s Friendship Bread

Day 1: Add 1.5 cups of starter or Brandy if this is your first batch, and another 1.5 cups of Brandy to 1 Qt. of diced peaches with juice in a very large mixing bowl. Cover the bowl with paper towel. Stir once each day for 10 days.


Day 11: Add 2.5 cups of sugar and a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple with juice to the mixture. Stir once daily for 10 days.pineapple

Day 21: Add 2.5 cups of sugar, 20 oz. of maraschino cherries with juice, and 1 large can of diced apricots to the mixture. Stir once daily for 10 days.


Day 31: Drain the juice from the mixture and save for use as starter. Grandma gave away 1.5 cups of starter with each loaf of bread so that the recipient could help spread the friendship. Mix the drained fruit, 1 dozen eggs, 3 boxes of white or yellow cake mix (without pudding), 3 small boxes of vanilla pudding, 2 cups of oil, and 3 cups of chopped walnuts. Prepare 1 lb. bread pans, fill pans 3/4 full and bake at 325 degrees for 50-60 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean from the center.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope that you have a chance to spread a little “Friendship”,


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2018

    • Thanks, Susan! Since our daughter has been living in Toronto, we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving as well. I’m loving that! I think as my family grows I may start a tradition of doing a full, formal feast every other Canadian Thanksgiving so that our children don’t feel like they have to travel to our home every year to celebrate. I’ll have to give the idea more thought, but I love your Thanksgiving as well.


    • I love this late fall melding into winter season. It’s the perfect time to create something that literally takes weeks to, “fully bake”. This recipe is far simpler–and I think better–the second and subsequent times around when you have, “starter”, from your freezer to jump-start the whole creation.

      Hope this season is filled with joy for you and your family, Carol. Happy New Year!!! May every New Year Blessing find you.


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