So Long November—Hello December

Thanksgiving came and moved away like a whirlwind. In fact the past three months, I think I moved through a fog to get where I am today.

Poof! And I’m here. Lol.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and special, as well it should be.

Thanksgiving is all about being with those you love. If you can’t physically be with loved ones, lock them away in your heart and hold their memories close. Whether they are close or far away.

It isn’t quite December yet, but close enough. Christmas is going to be here before we can snap our fingers! Many parts of the country have already seen snow or will before Christmas. There are those who either like or dislike snow.

I’m one of snow-lovers. I do agree though, that any area can be blasted with too much snow, then the thing of beauty can become dangerous.

I hope everyone has the best Christmas ever this year. If we’re lucky here in mid-Georgia, we’ll have a white Christmas. I hope so anyway.

And so–gather ‘round a roaring fire and toast your loved ones with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate.

One thought on “So Long November—Hello December

  1. My Thanksgiving was lovely. Now I’m looking forward to Christmas and the Yule season.

    Did you managed to sneak out of doing the big Thanksgiving meal? I think you had more your plate than a turkey! I hope your family took over the chore this year. I think you had the perfect excuse to get out standing on your feet for hours fixing dinner. 🙂


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