Did You Survive the Christmas Holiday?

Planning, shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, baking, working a public job, maybe, and between handling all the extra curricular activities can be exhausting during the Christmas holiday.

I know. I didn’t plan far enough ahead to keep the jitters away. But somehow everything gets done…and you sit back and wonder how everything came together.

We are WOMAN! We always manage to set out a perfect, or maybe not so perfect, dinner-dressed to the nines. Okay, perhaps some of us may have waited until the last minute to remove our pajamas. That’s okay too, because we can get the job done and open the door to relatives and friends with a smile.

I can say all the above, because I didn’t cook this year. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson prepared a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner and scrumptious Christmas morning breakfast.

We were blessed.

I hope all of you had the best Christmas ever. No matter how your holiday went, I’ll bet you can find blessings in the day.

Have a Happy New Year!

Until next time…I wish you Music, Butterflies and most of all…Love.

6 thoughts on “Did You Survive the Christmas Holiday?

  1. The family this year gathered at my oldest daughter’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. There are no longer little ones or Santa’s magic. There was no reason for him to stop at our houses. After the meal and the flurry of wrapping paper, I quietly left and delivered a few packages to friends. Then came home and spent what remained of my time awake working on a manuscript.

    Christmas has become simpler. I kind of miss the family gathering here, the ton of dishes to be washed, the dust from flour throughout the kitchen, pine needles everywhere, and the cat using the tree as a perch. Then again maybe not. 🙂

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    • I miss the little ones around too. Loved watching their faces and watching wrapping paper fly! I miss having some of the family here for days, then others gather for a huge dinner. Things change though. Love the family we have left and can get together when we can.


  2. Our children and their children were away, and my beloved was working right through. We had a lovely, very special, lunch for two, and lots of phone calls and text messages.


  3. We’ve had an extend Christmastime here, Carol. Still having it now, since my son is home until next week. It’s been an odd blending of the end of 2018 and the welcoming of 2019, but I’m enjoying it. Like, Jill, we’ve been relatively snow free, which is odd for Wisconsin the second week of January. Not sure what that’s all about, but it does make walking outside easier—if just as cold. 🙂

    Pretty wonderful to have your house brimming with those you love. Even better when they cook for you! Blessing to you and your family.

    Happy New Year, Carol! Hope this New Year is even better than the last.


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