‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving…. and Lizzi was on a Plane!

Hello all,

Hope you’re slowly easing back into the work week this week and not forgetting too soon to take some time to relax and remember that life is short… Enjoy it!

I’ve truly enjoyed my time off this year after a frenetic Oct-Dec with two trips to the USA, trade shows, visiting far flung family and unofficial family!

A giggle for you!

Here’s a little snippet of one of the mere trips over.


Wow. If that wasn’t a marathon (If peaceful) trip, I don’t know what is. 
Left Auckland, NZ at about 0100 yesterday. Three (late) Hawaiian air flights (pleasant flights, nice neighbours, and more sleep than I’ve had in the past few months… enforced relaxation) then discovered (as Hawaiian Air flight 1 was late, didn’t have time to get SIM card at Honolulu, decided to pick one up At airport on Maui. LOL. Only to be told in three shops there that they’re only avail at Honolulu airport. Lol. So, maybe at SFO? But no And when we all finally found where Hawaiian air baggage claim was (no small feat), I hear my name being called. Lol. Thinking “Oh good! My two oversized bags are ready!” 

Well, no.

One of the monster 70 lb bags… with everything but the Equi-Still Stocks Mini-Bar and the books I carried from NZ.


mini bar

(Don’t ask….Amazon’s been having changes and the books wouldn’t be in CA before the book signing at Chapman’s Bookery & More in Ferndale on Saturday…

travelDamn, books weigh a lot) is still on Maui. Hawaii. TSA was inspecting it and it missed its flight. The nice lady at the Hawaiian Air desk never batted an eye when I told her the delivery address was in EUREKA, CA. And yes, she knew where it was. Good thing I’d had a lot of sleep. Still smiling. Lol. Then the nice Bruno from Turo seemed to have double booked his Prius… but hadn’t let me know. By now, it’s nearly midnight in the USA ( about 9 or 10 pm NZ time), so all good. By the time we’d argued with the rental car desk and been charged twice, the first time wrongly, and documented all the dings and scratches in my shiny new vehicle, I drove out of SFO at 0145. Nice car. Toyota Corolla.

Image result for toyota corolla redStill no SIM card but luckily had downloaded maps. LOL. 
Good thing I could find Eureka. Lovely drive, albeit a bit wet, but California needs it. I even got to walk, well, skate, on water once, but thankfully there was no one about on the road. I wouldn’t have been the first to go for a hydroplane, by the shrapnel and bits of car on the centre divider near it. Bummer about the fool who didn’t look before trying to change lanes into me. Helped me discover the brakes and horn work well!

All in all, a very empty road for about five hours. Only achievable on the night before Thanksgiving in the wee and not so wee hours. Finding Mum’s house without a map wasn’t ideal. Lovely people at an early-open petrol station made it easy. After they got to work, that is, LOL.

I was then completely wired from my 0300 a.m. coffee, (and this from someone who doesn’t DRINK coffee unless absolutely necessary, and then only in a standard hot chocolate) but having a chuckle, anyway. It’s probably time for some sleep. As soon as the coffee decided to wear off. 
Thought this might make you laugh, too. 

It was all worth it, though. I got to spend Thanksgiving with my mum and my brother for the first time in probably thirty years.

Home Sweet Home!

Here in mums lovely little peaceful home. .

Just released for the holidays:

(and it’s FREE on KDP Select!)

Once Upon a Vet School #10: Greener Pastures Calling

Travel Greener Pastures

A new country, a great job, and a “good Kiwi bloke”.
Life couldn’t be better.
Until it gets worse. 

Newly emigrated to New Zealand, equine veterinarian Lena wants a “good Kiwi bloke”, but they’re elusive as their nocturnal namesake. Her history with men is not, shall we say, salubrious.

Nigel’s avoiding females, unless they’re cows, horses, or his mother. After his first marriage, he won’t be responsible for anyone else’s life ever again.

Sparks fly when they meet, but not that first time, over the dirty instruments in a filthy cowshed. They’re made for each other… until Nigel remembers where he first saw her. And then the questions start.

The Series

This is Book Ten in the ONCE UPON A VET SCHOOL series.

Did you ever want to be a veterinarian?

These contemporary veterinary fictions can easily be read as standalones, but they are part of a series. Share Lena’s escapades as she follows her dream of becoming an equine veterinarian from the Santa Cruz Mountains of her childhood through the jungles of university to equine practice in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and finally onto her career as a rural equine and sometimes zoo-dentistry vet in New Zealand. This is Book Ten in the series, which is being written from the middle out—if George Lucas can do it, why not?

Stories for anyone who’s ever dreamed of becoming a veterinarian or loves horses—stories of veterinary school life and the horses that fill Lena’s dreams and her daytimes, too. They feature a capable heroine, modern veterinary treatments, plenty of laughs, some tears, and a lot of growing up. They’re clean and wholesome, so everyone can read them!

What did you do for the holidays that meant the most?

Let me know!

There’s a digital copy of A Long Trail Rolling going out to a lucky commenter (by random draw!) in the next three days! Get writing!

I hope you all drive safely this holiday season and spend good time with those you love.


Lizzi Tremayne



9 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving…. and Lizzi was on a Plane!

  1. Don’t know how you manage to do the air travel. The actual flying is fine; it’s the airport stuff and rental, etc. UGH! So glad you got to spend the holiday with your family.


  2. Traveling is fabulous…so is snuggling in at home after. Happy New Year, Lizzy! May it be filled with as many new journeys as you want it be.


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