My Year of More

Before Christmas there were a bunch of memes on Facebook about your word for the year. A power word that would define your year to come. I chose mine.


More writing. More reading. More exercise. More healthy eating. More activities that get me outdoors. More taking chances. More looking for opportunities and seizing them.

I’m already taking some marketing classes to up my game. I love my books but it doesn’t do me any good to write them if no one reads them. I need to make them discoverable. I need to do ads, and giveaways, and get them seen by actual eyeballs. 🙂

I’m going to start the Buns, Guns, and Abs Challenge. Every day is a fresh day to start anew. I don’t have to wait for the beginning of the week or the beginning of the month. Every day is a new possibility.

I’m going to try new-to-me authors in genres I don’t normally read. I’m going to get back to doing genealogy. I love writing, but it doesn’t have to be all I do. I can multi-task every aspect of my life.

So, I’m going to work on 3 books this year (at least to start the year) plus one for the Authors of Main Street boxed set and one for myself. Not sure what it will be yet, but it will be just for me. I might not even publish it. But it will be MORE. More deep, more intense, more me. Might be time for that memoir I always threatened to write. LOL

My MORE year will have zombies (book 4), ghosts (books 2 & 3), and self-growth (exercise and good food). I can’t wait.

What will your year be? Leave a comment and your power word for 2019 and I will pick a comment to win a free book from me.  Jill

9 thoughts on “My Year of More

  1. More every day…I love it, Jill! And you’re right. Every day is a fresh opportunity to build on the days before, to add to them, or to just do something new or different or more of what helps you grow.

    I feel you on the marketing. I’ve just purchased some books on that mainly for another aspect of my work, but I’m hoping the principals will apply to getting my writing seen and loved as well. If I find anything wonderful, I’ll share!

    Happy New Year, Jill! I love your word and your plan. Here’s to making it happen!


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