Small Goals

To Do ListIt’s a brand new year, a time when people traditionally make resolutions to do things better. But how many people actually keep their resolutions? It’s too easy to slip back into old habits. And maybe January isn’t the best time to try, for instance, cutting back on junk food – especially up here in Canada, where, let’s face it, it takes a lot of chocolate to get through the three months of frigid weather, windshield scraping and snow shoveling ahead!

For me, the key to reaching my goals is small steps. Large goals like “lose ten pounds” or “write a novel in three months” are too much. I break my goals into manageable chucks, write them down and consult my list as I go. I might only be able to write two chapters of my novel per month, but if I keep that modest target in mind, by the end of the year I’ll have a completed manuscript. Since I have so little free time during the week and have to make up for it on weekends, it helps to break those days into hours and plan what I need to get done. I don’t usually achieve everything on my list, and I beat myself up when tasks are left over at the end of the day (or week).

I suppose my New Year’s resolution should be to sit back and look at my list of accomplishments, small as they may be, and give myself a pat on the back for doing the best I can.

May 2019 bring you peace, happiness and wonderful surprises.

5 thoughts on “Small Goals

  1. Yep! Little goals and take a moment to celebrate the small things. It’s really smelling the flowers along the way. Sometimes those flowers are very important. So many authors must allot minimal bits of time to their writing and when things get in the way…

    I’ve often felt as though I was being forced to choose between doing what I should be doing, being with my family, or doing some small thing for me. I often chose family and I’ve never regretted it. But I’ve also had to ask for them to respect my time to do something. So often those tiny things that were celebrated have added up into really big stuff in the end. Wish we had a crystal ball, except we don’t. Do the best that you can and keep sniffing the flowers.

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  2. Small goals, that promise to myself every morning when I wake, is far easier and more achievable, than any, “big” goal I’ve ever had.

    Here’s to the do-able, small achievements we make every day.

    Happy New Year, Susan! May it bring every wonderful thing to you and your family,

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  3. Several years ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions. Over the years my list had grown smaller and smaller, because after a month or two all resolutions fell by the wayside. So, now I set a few goals and meet most of them. Nothing like pushing yourself into a goal to kickstart yourself.


  4. When my husband taught ambulance care by correspondence and block course to students in remote rural services, he started with a month’s groceries on the table and told them they had to eat it. When they showed horror, he explained that the course was like that. They’d think it too much when they saw the course work, but they had three years to take it one meal, one mouthful at a time, and all the other students on the course plus the instructors to help them eat it.


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