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Running From Time

If there’s one thing I’m unable to manage, it’s the number of stories colliding inside my head. Characters are always in competition. Hello, she says. Hello, he says. I’m next. Me, me, me! Tell my story. Every writer I know … Continue reading

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Dreyer’s English, Godin’s This is Marketing, and Kaufman’s Personal MBA. And, yes, I used the (damned) comma.

So far this year I have purchased, and am currently reading, three “How To” non-fiction books. I purchased all three in paper, or hardcover as two of them are only available in physical form in hard cover editions. Generally I … Continue reading

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Happy Family Day

Today is Family Day here in Ontario. Family Day takes place on the third Monday of February. It’s also observed in New Brunswick, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia; it’s called Islander Day in PEI, Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, and … Continue reading

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South Island, Here We Come!

  I hope you all had a wonderful end-of-year! My family and I sure have! Following a week of research in an SCA medieval reenactment camp near Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand, my (also-author) partner and I hired a mini … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m in a Valentine’s Day mood today, though it isn’t a holiday I grew up with. Here in New Zealand, sales of Valentine cards and gifts have picked up in the past couple of decades thanks to American television, but … Continue reading

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A Visit to Louisa May Alcott’s Home

We went to visit Louisa May Alcott’s home. Because I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be a writer when I was eight and I didn’t read Little Women until I was ten, I know my career decision … Continue reading

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Just Because

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and the bombardment of all things red, heart-shaped, and love-inspired, I was thinking about what love means to me. I don’t need or want a diamond bracelet or a trip to Paris or a … Continue reading

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