Just Because

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and the bombardment of all things red, heart-shaped, and love-inspired, I was thinking about what love means to me.

I don’t need or want a diamond bracelet or a trip to Paris or a 5-course dinner that will set us back a few hundred dollars.

I don’t need the grand gesture. I love the just because…

Just because I was thinking of you and what you like, let’s stop by Barnes & Noble and see if any new books are out that you want.

Just because I saw a purple sweater that made me think of you.

Or my favorite! I was running errands and saw your car at your writer’s meeting so I put a bouquet of roses on your front seat…just because.

Not for a birthday, an anniversary, or holiday. Just because.

As the beautiful quote says, paraphrasing here, it isn’t the moments that take your breath away, it is the moments that make you catch your breath.

Jill James, a true romantic at heart…every day of my life.

8 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Yes.My mother used to say ‘I don’t need a special day; you should love me all year’. I say, ‘Love me all year, with all those little touches, but celebrate with me on special days as well.’

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