Values Live On

This post isn’t meant to be preachy. Family has been on my mind a lot lately and how proud I am of my son and grandson.

What do we do that would make our ancestors’ hair curl? Granted our descendants manner of living was much more strict than today’s traditions. In many, many ways. We have grown as a culture, good or bad.

Maybe it’s the way we style our hair. Maybe it’s our choice of clothing. Could it be our choice of speech? The way we treat others? We can pray we’ve taught our children from an early age to choose well, to be at ease with life’s options.

And…there are options. Right and wrong choices.

Guidance and encouragement will teach our children to, hopefully, choose the right role models. Perhaps they’ll opt to model their lifestyle in the way we’ve demonstrated, perhaps it’s someone else.

Children do observe everything we do or say. The way we behave towards others. It’s our responsibility to instill good values in our children and grandchildren.

It isn’t our role to judge. When we engage, offer encouragement and support in their choices, we stand by the person they’re becoming. Right or wrong. Though we hope they choose effectively. Choices they make are part of their growth.

Yes, perhaps they’ll make mistakes, who doesn’t? How else are they to learn?

I’ve certainly gathered much knowledge from my own mistakes. We can only hope they learn from theirs.

9 thoughts on “Values Live On

  1. I’ve always been of the belief that there are two ways to become. If you loved your childhood you want to grow up to be your parents and raise your children that way. If you hated your childhood you want to grow up and become the total opposite of your parents and raise your children that way. I love your advice of being supportive of your children and grandchildren. Lovely!!!

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  2. When hubby and I got married, we had a long discussion about how we were raised. We were determined not to make the same mistakes with our children. We also discussed what was right. Looking back now, I think we did the right things, not that we were perfect because perfection is impossible. Our girls have grown up, and I’m so proud of the way the way they’ve turned out.

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    • You and your George were smart to discuss, upfront, how your children were to be raised. Bringing up wonderful children is a testament to motherhood and fatherhood.


  3. It’s funny how parenting evolves as our children age. Some things remain–trying to lead by example (sometimes winning at this, sometimes wished we’d done better/more/less). We’ve always been free to discuss ideas and philosophy in our home. Debate about those ideas, patterns of behavior, beliefs has been open, sometimes raucous, always respectful.

    I’m not a grandparent, yet. Although, I must say I’m looking forward to that adventure. My children are thoughtful and kind. I didn’t create that, but I hope I’ve encouraged it and pointed out those instances (gently) when both have been lacking.

    Very thoughtful and engaging post, Carol! Thanks. Peace to you and your family. I’ve got a feeling they are people we’d all benefit from knowing. Happy Eastertide.


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