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Hooray – It’s Victoria Day!

Here in Canada, today is a public holiday celebrated in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. The long weekend is traditionally when Canadians plant their gardens and open up their summer cottages. Why do we celebrate Queen Victoria? She has a … Continue reading

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Where’s the Romance?

I walked into one of Milwaukee’s last independent bookstores this week. It’s a lovely place filled with “Indie Books” published by offshoots of traditional publishers. It has a section for books by local authors, and books about Wisconsin and Milwaukee. … Continue reading

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Where Do You Get Ideas For Your Novel?

This is the most common questions people ask writers. I typically reply, LIFE. Strange things happen, and when they do, I call them novel fodder. I collect novel fodder. I also like to people watch, eavesdrop, and take note. (Be … Continue reading

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Hiatus or Not!!

First, I love writing. Years ago when I started, I would write all-year long. Summer, holidays, vacations, didn’t matter. I wrote. Words, glorious words. I have a writer friend who doesn’t write in the summer, she is an outdoor gal. … Continue reading

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Cat-astrophes and new beginnings

“Would you look after our cats until we move into the new apartment?” asked daughter 3. She thought living with us and our two cats for a few weeks might be less challenging than a cattery, especially for the elderly … Continue reading

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My Silent Journey

I wrote SILENT JOURNEY because that story wrote itself in my head. Those characters wanted to have their own book. Alex was the perfect hero, intelligent, good-looking, outgoing, independent, confident, wealthy, protective of the females in his life, and an … Continue reading

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New Series Breakdown and AUDIOBOOKS for Lizzi Tremayne!

Sometimes it seems a bit crazy, even living near only a small town, but I still seem to be able to avoid having to leave my farm.. for an awfully long time. Like… no more often than absolutely necessary. Being … Continue reading

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