New Series Breakdown and AUDIOBOOKS for Lizzi Tremayne!

Sometimes it seems a bit crazy, even living near only a small town, but I still seem to be able to avoid having to leave my farm.. for an awfully long time. Like… no more often than absolutely necessary. Being a writer, of course, lets me get away with this. Being a veterinarian—or an equine veterinarian, anyway—I do still have to leave my place once in awhile.

My current little town is called Waihi, in New Zealand, although I was raised in La Honda, California, which was a much smaller town than this one. My home town has all the benefits of a small town, while being near the big smoke of San Francisco and the SF Bay Area, as well as the beach, near my old High School, Pescadero High. It also had plenty of mountains in which to ride and get lost.

But I digress from where I was trying to go. As an indie (an independently published author), you might suspect there are there is a little more to do than just write. This week, for example, I’ve been working on new covers for my Once Upon a Vet School brand, the novellas of which, so far, have been written for my Authors of Main Street boxed sets. Going are the red covers and coming are the rural and small-town style ones. I’ll give you a sneak peek at one of the drafts… going to move the title to the top, but here’s a peek~


No one else’s seen it!

Please comment and let me know how you like the change!


Once Upon a Vet School Changes

I’ve been shuffling the Once Upon a Vet School series into six different genre-and age-appropriate novella sequences.

The Once Upon a Vet School Series

Drama and humor abound as Lena pursues her childhood dream of becoming an equine vet—and beyond—in this unique series of six, independent novella sequences:


They are…


~Junior Years~

After Lena hears she needs good grades to become a veterinarian, things start to get tricky. Even her pony doesn’t get out unscathed. (Middle Grade) 1972-1976


~High School Days ~

When your high school counsellor says vet school’s too hard for you and your HS sweetheart offers you a dream life of farming, writing, and babies, what do you do? Is vet school really the be-all, end-all? (Young Adult) 1976-1979


~College Nights

How can you have a life when you need an A in every class for four years to get into vet school… on top of 800 hours vet practice work? Something’s got to give. (Young Adult and up) 1980-1984


~Vet School 24/7~

Now they’re in, the pressure for grades is off and vet school social life is upon them… there’s only the tsunami of 200 years of veterinary knowledge to pack into their heads. Can Lena and her friends stay afloat? (Young Adult and up) 1984-1988


~Practice Time~

Finally graduated, prima ballerinas of the university, Lena and her vet school classmates disperse to far-flung practices… and real life. What could possibly go wrong? Late nights on-call, mud, blood, and finally, a light at the end of the tunnel… unfortunately, it’s only the penlight of a dictatorial vet technician in Lena’s eyes after she passed out on the floor. (Women’s Rural Fiction with Romantic Elements) 1988-2012


~Long in the Tooth~

When Lena suffers another catastrophic back injury, what’s she to do to feed her family and keep the farm? She can’t breathe around cats or birds and what good’s an equine vet who can’t hold up a horse’s leg? Time for Lena to go back to school. Again. (Women’s Rural Fiction with Romantic Elements)  2012- now


You’ll see their new covers very soon. I’ll post them on my website at as soon as they’re ready!
My next most exciting, or rather terrifying, news is that I’ve begun the process of creating my own audiobooks!



We’ve acquired the necessary equipment and it’s time for me to create my own character audio profiles and mark up my text. Very, very exciting.
Well, I best be off doing it, but it’s a frost outside and my bed is so very warm!
I hope you’re enjoying whichever season you have at hand and can find a nice warm place to snuggle up and read!
Let me know, would you prefer to read an e-book, a paperback book, a hardcover book, or listen to an audiobook? Are there times you would prefer an audiobook? I’m interested to know. I’ve found audiobooks to be indispensable when I’m driving long distances on my own, or even over the speakers with others in the car. They seems to help the miles just melt away. I understand from my city friends that it also makes traffic disappear as well!

Take care, remember to leave your comments!




10 thoughts on “New Series Breakdown and AUDIOBOOKS for Lizzi Tremayne!

    • Thanks Jill! So appreciated! LOL I’m not sure how brave I am, but I’m a bit nuts, diving head first into the icy water!
      Your voice is probably lovely to everyone but yourself.
      Thanks for commenting!


  1. The new cover is tremendous! I’m really impressed that you’ve created it yourself. I know enough to know not to take cover design skills lightly!

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