Hiatus or Not!!

First, I love writing. Years ago when I started, I would write all-year long. Summer, holidays, vacations, didn’t matter. I wrote. Words, glorious words.

I have a writer friend who doesn’t write in the summer, she is an outdoor gal. Running, biking, hiking, camping. So not me. I’m an indoors, binge-watch a series kind of girl. My friend doesn’t write during the holidays. She has a large family and she is now the matriarch in charge of the occasion.

Before, I’ve always written during the Christmas holidays and grumbled because I didn’t write every day and I didn’t get how much done I wanted to do. I would be a group and think “I should be writing.”

So, Christmas 2018 I decided to take a hiatus for the first time. Not worry about writing. Not think about writing. Enjoy the holidays. I would get back to it after New Year’s.

Bad idea. Really bad idea!!

January came and went. No writing. It was okay. I could start again in a couple of weeks.

February came and went. No writing. I thought that’s okay, it’s a short month.

March came and went. Now I’m panicking. Don’t know where to start. I should have at least one story done by now.

April came. Okay, this is getting stupid. Just put some words on the screen!!! Finally, the end of April I forced myself to sit at the computer and work on my book for the Authors of Main Street. Come on, Jill!! You don’t have a title or characters or plot, but just write. Funny, not funny. The words are in my head but they aren’t coming out like before. Each sentence is a struggle. I’m deleting as much as I’m writing.

I’m not where I wanted to be when I pictured this year at the end of last year, but I’m writing again. (fingers crossed, knocking on wood)

Hiatus? Never again!!!

Jill James, romance author (which means I must write)

12 thoughts on “Hiatus or Not!!

  1. Oh, what a terrible experience Jill–but the good news is your back at it!
    It’s funny, because I’ve been taking the month of December off from writing for the last three years because I needed to avoid burnout from going like crazy the rest fo the year. It’s worked for me and in fact, it was hard not to get back to it that week after Christmas just before New Years.
    For me, it was somehow freeing and rejuvenating.
    Shows we each have our own unique journey. xo SQ

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  2. Well. last year I was forced to do nothing after my surgery. But once I could get back to writing, I wrote like crazy. Those stores are getting ready to come out this year, starting with Loving Arabelle, a historical western bride. After that I’m uncertain, of the order or dates, of when the others will become available. But that forced time off really messed me up. I felt as though my muse wandered off a few times. I’d be writing and suddenly the next sentence was gone. I think it’s a groove we get into with our writing. Everyone’s is different. Some write for two hours a day but their typing speed is amazing and they can do what takes me five hours.
    Here’s to some good BICHOK to you.

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  3. Hard to jump back in! I’ve had time–some by necessity, some by choice–when I haven’t consistently written. One of the biggest problems for me, is that when I jump back in every fear looms large. I think every word newly written is trash. It takes awhile to get back into the flow.

    The big thing is you’re back! Every other bit will come, and quickly. Go, Get, ‘Em, Woman!


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