Where’s the Romance?

I walked into one of Milwaukee’s last independent bookstores this week. It’s a lovely place filled with “Indie Books” published by offshoots of traditional publishers. It has a section for books by local authors, and books about Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

thThe “Thriller Section” is small – I own, or have read, roughly 90% of the thrillers displayed. The “Essay Section” was the exact opposite. If I recognized 5% of the titles, that would have been generous.

They had a “Children’s Section” (enormous), and a “YA Section” (impressive). Also well represented were: Philosophy, Criticism, Cooking, and self-help.

What they didn’t have – not a single title – was Romance. NO ROMANCE! REALLY?Perhaps this lack of display, and quite frankly respect, for one of the most widely-read genre’s, is indicative of a space reserved for “Higher Thinking”.th (3)

Perhaps it’s short-sighted, willful stupidity.

Whatever could be the impetus behind this glaring lack? It is a lack. A lack of heart. A lack of sheer escapist joy. A lack of critical thinking.

th (2)The store even had three shelves dedicated to Tarot. I’ve got a full shelf in one of my bookshelves dedicated to Tarot – I’m certainly no Tarot snob. Still, more people love and devour romance novels than will ever crack open a book on Tarot.

On the upside, however, they did have one copy of my favorite book for giving, “Anam Cara”.

I also picked up “How to Stop Time”, by Matt Haig, for ten bucks. At its core, it is a book about love.

I’m not quite sure where to go with this. NO ROMANCE SECTION! What I am sure about is, reading great love stories, or even just good ones, can turn an otherwise dismal day into one worth living.

So, buy and read more romance. Any one of mine will make you smile. You can find them here: https://www.amazon.com/Leigh-Morgan/e/B004F9AT9Y?ref=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000

Happy reading – Happy May -May love find you no matter how hard you may hide or how lacking your community bookstore.


7 thoughts on “Where’s the Romance?

  1. I found it odd that their, “Indy” section wasn’t all that, “Indy” as well. Ahh, perhaps I’ve become too plebian for high-brow independent bookshops. Grin.

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    • Books by the smaller imprints of larger traditional publishers. I was just shaking my head. (Like Pantheon–a division of Knoff/Doubleday. Crazy.)


  2. Until recently, indie did mean independent publishing houses, not individual authors publishing themselves. Romance always gets the short shaft. Some stores have no shelves and some have one or two. I love a great big romance section.

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    • When I go back, I’m going to ask if I can speak with–or make an appointment to speak with–the manager. I’m curious why they don’t stock romance. Should be interesting to hear the response.

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  3. I do love independent book stores, but I’ve found the same thing in many of the booksellers here in New Zealand. Why? It’s an excellent question.


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