The Long Trails Box Set is Finally OUT!

Hello! I hope your spring is coming in beautifully in the northern hemisphere and that those of you in the southern one have battened down the hatches! I’ve been busy doing just that down here in NZ, while preparing an equine vet dentistry course for next week, reloading all of my books with improved blurbs (have just finished reissuing them with new covers!) and soon to be starting to put them all out as AUDIOBOOKS! Equipment’s waiting!  And then to finish Tatiana I! And a vet book for horse owners. And the Scottish Highlands story… (I’d best stop before I get a heart attack…).

New Covers

I don’t think I’ve shown you all my new covers!  You can check them out on my website here but here they are in short form:

Lizzi Tremayne Sampler


So on to even more exciting things: as usual, Matt’s right again… my upcoming book Tatiana was meant to be a novel. Nothing too long, just a novel. He just laughed. And laughed.

“More like War and Peace, it’ll be,” he said, when he could breathe again.

“No, it won’t,” I muttered.

Well, he pegged it…  but it’ll be four volumes, not one.

So you see why it’s taking me so long?

And it’ll be its own series, too. Big sigh. 

Anyway, back to something that’s finished already: looking for some spring/summer time reading? Seek no more!

The Long Trails Box Set!

Binge reading time?

Can an orphan, with only her Mustang and a Cossack sword, survive alone on the frontier?

From the deserts of Utah, through the gold mines of California, to the turbulent wilderness of New Zealand, Aleksandra rides, loves, and fights—with only her Cossack skills to keep her alive.

** From multiple award winning author Lizzi Tremayne **

The Long Trails Box Set, comprising three full novels–over 1400 pages of historical fiction set in 1860s Utah, Nevada (which was still Utah Territory at the time of the stories), California, and Colonial New Zealand,  I hope you love it! And before you ask if it’ll be out in paper, sorry, no, it won’t.  Amazon won’t print more than just over 800 pages in each book and if I start splitting books in the middle, you might as well buy one of each! 🙂

The biggest complaint I’ve had is that people didn’t have the next book to hand… but this way, the first three books in The Long Trails series will be at your fingertips!

You can find it here!

Take good care all, and enjoy!

Let me know how you like it!  And as always, reviews are SO welcome.


Lizzi Tremayne

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